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File: BuffEnough12-31-10
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Is it possible to add Dalaran Intellect to the buff list? Mage in our group uses that and it isn't being recognized as Arcane Intellect.
File: PhayFX10-19-10
4.0.1 Update
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I really enjoyed this mod, is there anyone that has gotten a fix for 4.0.1? I edited the spell IDs in the .lua but that didn't to fix it.
File: Caith UI12-12-09
Originally posted by boazjuggalo...
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Originally posted by boazjuggalo What does ghost pulse do in CaithUI? I've disabled it and seen no real difference. What is the addon that showed the oversized images of spells when their cooldowns were finished? I dropped whichever addon it was, but want it back. The answer to your second question is your first.