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File: Livestock05-01-10
Re: Re: Land/Fly Combo Mounts
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Originally posted by AnrDaemon Use simple macro then. If you want only these two mounts to be choosen, that's all you ever need. /cast Celestial Steed; Headless...whatever No, completely backwards. Plus I want to use Livestock! I have over 100 mounts =( Just want to disable celestial from the land list. No can do?
File: Livestock04-30-10
Land/Fly Combo Mounts
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Hi Recompense, Is there a way to make a specific mount enabled on the Flying List and not on the Land List? eg. Halloween Headless Horseman's mount and the new Celestial Steed. They're the only ones I have that can be used to fly and as a ground mount but I don't want the Celestial on the ground (looks goofy). =P I don't kn...
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Originally posted by Shadowed The...
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Originally posted by Shadowed There's certainly no reason that should be happening, try these 4 things (in order): 1) Make sure Lua errors are enabled (Game Menu -> Interface -> Help -> Enable Lua Errors) 2) Set focus, type /script print(SUFUnitfocus, SUFUnitfocus and SUFUnitfocus:IsVisible(), SUFUnitfocus and SUFUnitfocus:GetP...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames01-20-10
Do you think my problem getting the...
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Do you think my problem getting the focus frame to show up is the same issue? I didn't notice it until a raid last night when I selected a mob and typed /focus, the focus frame didn't show up. I unlocked my SuF and could see focus is where I put it, looks like the frame is enabled (I don't know if you can disable it). Curse upda...