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File: WoW UI Designer10-27-10
I have updated the FAQ at http://ww...
Posted By: Nulkris
I have updated the FAQ at http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2531 with details on how to work around this issue, item number 3.3. Originally posted by zacharysc Is there any way we can make a work around so that we don't have to close out of WOW entirely in order to open the UI designer? Is there anyway we can...
File: WoW UI Designer10-19-10
Incompatible with new MPQ files
Posted By: Nulkris
Hi, The format of the MPQ files used World of Warcraft has changed on the last version and the library that I have been using can no longer read these files correctly. I am currently integrating a newer version of the library in the hopes that I can build a new version of WoW UI Designer that is compatible with the new WoW versions...
File: WoW UI Designer08-11-10
Originally posted by Hairk I hate...
Posted By: Nulkris
Originally posted by Hairk I hate to ask this but, what is the URL for the tutorial ? When I click it from the Help menu, it opens in Internet Explorer, even though it's not my default browser. I can't use Internet Explorer because it instantly crashes whenever it opens. The tutorial is installed to your local hard drive under th...
File: WoW UI Designer10-26-08
Is the text not showing up in the e...
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Is the text not showing up in the editor, the game, or both? Originally posted by wannaddon I still cannot get this work, man. Button text still not working for me. Or cud u possible to explain how to use it properly? I just did the same thing as be4 putting the text into 'Text' item. Oh well, i found a way to solve this after i...
File: WoW UI Designer10-21-08
New Version
Posted By: Nulkris
OK, I have put up a new version that makes button text draw correctly now.
File: WoW UI Designer09-01-08
You can keep both by installing int...
Posted By: Nulkris
You can keep both by installing into a different directory, but there is no loss of functionality, only a few extra features and bug fixes so there should be no advantage to keeping the old version (unless there are major bugs that I am currently unaware of).
File: WoW UI Designer12-22-06
Hi Skeeve, I did finally get aro...
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Hi Skeeve, I did finally get around to looking at your frame under the renderer, but because the renderer is only rendering the xml you get the multi layered effect that you see. You can right click on descendant frames and select hide which will hide the frames such as the tabs and you can in effect get the single layer you want...
File: WoW UI Designer12-14-06
Sorry guys, thought that it would b...
Posted By: Nulkris
Sorry guys, thought that it would be found in the beta download I had made for TBC last month but guess not. I have just uploaded a version that will start using 2.0.1, it doesn't support everything but you should be able to edit your forms using the standard skins.
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Command Line Arguments
Posted By: Nulkris
You can also use: wowuides.exe /noaddons - to not load any addons wowuides.exe /fast - to not load framexml and addons
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Re: Still developing?
Posted By: Nulkris
Yes I will continue to develop the IDE, mainly just to support patches for now, but I do have plans to improve the lua editing facilities, add more components to the skins and improve other areas as I get time.