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File: Panda04-09-10
quick question
Posted By: alja
Is there a way to open the panda window w/out typing /panda? I use minimap button frame and I'm used to having all my addon buttons contained in there. Any help is appreciated. Thank You, Alja
File: Money Trail08-08-09
I notice that this addon hasn't bee...
Posted By: alja
I notice that this addon hasn't been updated for awhile, as it stands is it broken or does it continue to work? I currently use Cargbags Nivaya and it doesn't work at all, is it because of the layout of Cargbags I'm using or is it just outdated? thanks, alja
File: DoTimer08-06-09
Originally posted by JMHammer Alt...
Posted By: alja
Originally posted by JMHammer Although I didn't experience any errors in my initial testing, I did once I moved my characters into more populated areas. I can confirm that changing the "1" to "2" in Line 399 of DoTimer/DoTimer/core.lua corrects the reported issue. here's my question - how exactly do you get into the lua file...