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File: DoTimer10-23-10
Found a couple of bugs
Posted By: Sprud
Found a couple of bugs: 1. If a debuff is applied to a mob while it's not targeted(*) the debuff won't show up until that mob is targeted(*) again. Whether the mob is listed with debuffs prior or not doesn't matter. To reproduce just put up Corruption, then start casting Haunt and change target before it hits. This bug hurts S...
File: DoTimer10-15-10
Is it possible to create an option...
Posted By: Sprud
Is it possible to create an option to always show the target's dots as the first group even if it has none? Right now it's very hard to quickly determine whether the target has any dots or not, since the first group can either be the target (if it has dots) or some other mob (if the target does not have dots). If the first group a...
File: Ellipsis (Multi-Target DoT Timers)04-26-09
Penance Cooldown
Posted By: Sprud
The cooldown for the spell Penance doesn't show up. This is because the cooldown is specified on the 4th line in the spell tooltip, not 2nd or 3rd. I've fixed it for myself, but it would be nice if future versions have the fix too.