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File: RandomCompanion01-21-11
I have one complaint to make about...
Posted By: Sethala
I have one complaint to make about this addon... I recently got a Guild Page. For those who don't know, it's a special vendor companion that sells any of the guild rewards items. Unfortunately, it also has an 8 hour cooldown, so it's not something that you want to summon at a random time... which is exactly what RandomCompanion...
File: Endeavours BossTalk05-20-09
Would it be possible to, when a new...
Posted By: Sethala
Would it be possible to, when a new yell is added, also grab the sound file that the game just used?
File: Zap-A-Gnome04-25-09
Just recently downloaded this addon...
Posted By: Sethala
Just recently downloaded this addon, and I'm not able to see the cursor in the game while the game's started. Before starting it, I can see the cursor just fine, and if I move the cursor out of the game window it reappears.