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File: draeFrames10-21-11
Dependency's Missing & folders?
Posted By: Alpha Dog
This looked like an addon I wanted to try out :D I downloaded the draeFrames zip & when I unzipped it I got 3 folders & 9 files without a covering folder. I added these to my addon folder & wow didn't see anything. I then placed everthing into a folder which I then placed in my addon's. Now wow see's the folder but give's me a depe...
File: IceHUD04-18-11
Mana bars are gone
Posted By: Alpha Dog
This is a great mod thanks for your efforts. :D One problem I'm having is that when I logged in yesterday the target's mana/rage/etc bar is gone. Health bar is showing up fine & all other bars show with no problems. In the modules TargetMana is enabled & I used the sliders to reset it in case it went off screen. No joy with t...
File: GSE: GearScore Replacement11-27-10
Can't Install
Posted By: Alpha Dog
I'm having a problem copying your addon into my addons folder. The error I get is- "The system can't find the specificed file". Unzipping the addon I get; _MACOSX = Folder GearScoreElite = Folder _MACOSX = File 0 bytes GearScoreElite = File 0 bytes My system is Win XP3 Any ideas anyone?? TYA
File: EventHorizon Continued (Beta release)10-16-10
Seperating Bars
Posted By: Alpha Dog
Thanks for this addon, I would be lost without it :eek: 2 issues that I'm having that I didn't see on any other write-ups. 1-Redshift only works when I manually turn it OFF & ON. Then it works fine (I made a macro for that) I'm not getting any errors though. I have a myconfig file & I have tried every combo I could think of b...
File: Bartender404-30-10
Great addon, ty. I play an SPrie...
Posted By: Alpha Dog
Great addon, ty. I play an SPriest. I now have bar 1 spriest spells (1<->=) & bar 2 (f1<->f=) healing spells. When I change from shadowform to healing, bar 1 & bar 2 change as needed. Bar 1 becomes bar 2, bar 2 becomes bar 1. I have been doing this for a long time. What I would like to set up is: In shadowform bar 1 & bar 2...
File: Omen Threat Meter01-29-10
I want to change the default warnin...
Posted By: Alpha Dog
I want to change the default warning sound for when I get threat with a custom sound. I cant find the proper folder to place my sound in. :confused: Can someone direct me to the proper folder to install my sound to? TIA
File: EventHorizon Continued01-24-10
I'm having a few problems configeri...
Posted By: Alpha Dog
I'm having a few problems configering the display on toons that have dual spec & or stances. These toons each have a MyConfig file thats set for the main spec of that toon. I have a Warlock dual spec'ed to Destro/Aff & a Priest spec'ed to Shadow/Holy. I also don't have any knowledge of Lua or coding. What I want, in most cases,...
File: thek: Castbar01-05-10
I'm having the same issue except th...
Posted By: Alpha Dog
I'm having the same issue except that, I play an SPriest & casting a holy spell while in shadowform stance will automaticly take me out of shadowform stance & this is when the castbar goes to a larger size, 6 or 8 times the normal height. When the cast is complete it returns to normal size & I can continue to cast holy or shadow...
File: nUI_InfoPanel_Profesions08-11-09
I would love to try this addon, but...
Posted By: Alpha Dog
I would love to try this addon, but I am not able to open a RAR file. Is there a ZIP version? Thanks
File: Bagnon07-14-09
Re: Thank you!
Posted By: Alpha Dog
Originally posted by thelys Just a little post to thank you for your hard work and dedication, I really like the changes you've made to Bagnon, it's just as good as always and now even better :) Thanks a lot! What they said & then some. :D The 1 feature I would love to see, is for Bagnon to be able to put items in specific b...