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File: Battle Herald10-31-14
Re: fix for 6.0.2
Posted By: merola
replace the following lines to fix Alterac Valley line 395: local _, state, _, text = GetWorldStateUIInfo(2); line 398: _, state, _, text = GetWorldStateUIInfo(3); enjoy... Could you be more specific please? - In which .lua file? - Replace with what? (You mean replace line 395 with 398?)
File: FlyoutButton Custom09-24-13
CTMod (CT_BarMod) problem
Posted By: merola
Hi! This is a very useful and unique addon and I remember it used to work with CTMod (CT_BarMod) addon (back in MoP 5.0.5 I think) but in 5.4 it doesn't seem to work unfortunately :(. Could you try to "fix" it please? Thanks in advance, RoL
File: Capping01-12-13
Hi there! I'd have some feature...
Posted By: merola
Hi there! I'd have some feature suggestions to make this great addon even more useful in Bgs, especially in AV. Back in TBC I used an addon (maybe AlarGBHelper, which is pretty bugged now), which had the option to report all tower timers with one click for both sides, which was really great. It can be quite tedious to find and cl...
File: Accuracy fix & Threat to gain/drop aggro11-24-12
Hi! I LOVE this threatmeter and I'...
Posted By: merola
Hi! I LOVE this threatmeter and I'd like to know if there is any chance of an update for MoP? Thx in advance, R
File: FocusFrame10-22-12
Re: Version 2.5.3
Posted By: merola
I'm still using this great addon so thanks very much for updating it for MoP :) Version 2.5.3 Updated for Mist of Pandaria for someone still using this addon.
File: Gnomish Yellow Pages01-24-11
I have the same error popping up as...
Posted By: merola
I have the same error popping up as Bornabe. Also GYP doesn't collect / record any data. Furthermore the /who command seem to not work when GYP is enabled. I even tried to disable the /who update system in the options and still the /who command is unuseable and even the Who List doesn't work which is pretty bad :\ I hope you f...
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced12-18-10
Am I the only one missing a really...
Posted By: merola
Am I the only one missing a really useful search option where I could apply filters? Like I'd like to find / list all the: , , , . If there is a way to do that would someone enlight me on how to do it? If there is no such option, could you please include it? Other than that it's...
File: Ara Broker WeaponBuffer12-10-10
There's one issue I noticed, which...
Posted By: merola
There's one issue I noticed, which is that when a poison wears off the icon doesn't change back to default but still displays the poison's icon (I'm using Fortress btw). Great addon, the best of its kind for me :cool:
File: Ludwig12-03-10
Ludwig was great indeed, actually L...
Posted By: merola
Ludwig was great indeed, actually Lootlink can't even come close to it in any respect :( I really miss this addon as I could easily find the best gear for a certain lvl toon as it had a great, easy and logical, search option. Now I have to go to Wowhead or Thottbot for that and it sucks tbh. I was hoping that AtlasLoot had a similar...
File: Recipe Radar12-01-10
:banana:Found an update for it here...
Posted By: merola
:banana:Found an update for it here: http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/recipe-radar/repositories/cataclysm/files/ I haven't tested it but hopefuly it's working. *** IMPORTANT: Rename the folder to RecipeRadar from Recipe-radar (as it is in the zip) or it won't even show up in addons list. Enjoy :cool:
File: Ara Broker WeaponBuffer11-16-10
This is a great addon would be the...
Posted By: merola
This is a great addon would be the best of its kind if it worked... The less problem is that Wound Poison still shows 0, I could live with that but the real problem is that when I enable this addon the buff display next to the minimap gets screwed up, meaning that I can't interact with the icons, right click doesn't work and even th...
File: CooldownButtons(Fun Update)10-16-10
This is a great addon but I have a...
Posted By: merola
This is a great addon but I have a problem. The spells frames don't appear when they are supposed to. I get this message (caught by swatter): Date: 2010-10-17 00:41:20 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ...e\AddOns\CooldownButtons\Modules\Spell_Cooldowns.lua line 135: table index is nil Debug: (tail call...