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File: Button Forge10-01-13
Posted By: Rangvald
Im using this for 1-click macros to throw Mark of Anguish to selected raidmembers in the Protectors fight in SoO. Right now im using a macro to show/hide the bar. Is it possible to have the bar show up only when ExtraActionButton1 becomes active (Meaning when I have the Mark of Anguish on me)? Even better would be if it could actu...
File: Kollektiv Unit Frames04-27-09
Great idea, have been using Nurfed...
Posted By: Rangvald
Great idea, have been using Nurfed for the UFs only now for a good while. A few things I have tried to change myself, but failed misserably :P # Combo Points moved INSIDE the frame instead, like bottomright corner! # Raidtargets (Skull etc) on the targetframe, topright corner. # I want to get rid of buffs, TT and TTT from my...