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File: ReforgedTooltip02-26-11
Great addon. This should honestly b...
Posted By: Lemons224
Great addon. This should honestly be part of the default UI. I do have one suggestion tho... I kind of don't like the really wordy way the addon displays some stats. Like Crit is "Critical Strike Rating"...I would rather that it just say Crit. Could there be an option for switching between the longer stat names and a more simplifi...
File: Outfitter01-23-11
Does the fishing script still swap...
Posted By: Lemons224
Does the fishing script still swap out your rod when you enter combat or did blizz change that so it can't happen anymore (which would really REALLY suck as that was one of my favorite outfitter features)? If so...I was thinking that the fishing script should be changed. The description on it still even says something to the effect o...
File: Wintergrasper Advanced (w/Tol'Barad)01-23-11
I have a couple of ideas for this a...
Posted By: Lemons224
I have a couple of ideas for this addon although I'm guessing that implementing them would be more difficult and technical than I could imagine. -Glow effect when the timer reaches < 15 minutes. -Clicking the timer at < 15 minutes queues you for Tol Barad. -The icon changes to the Horde or Alliance symbol, depending on who curre...
File: NeedToKnow - Updated!01-02-11
Originally posted by Kitjan I'd t...
Posted By: Lemons224
Originally posted by Kitjan I'd thought about the combat filter before (Ticket 22), and the combat one does seem like that would pretty much cover it. Interesting use case, though. My NTK time is currently dedicated to getting profile support done, but after that this is a good small feature to slip in. Awesome. Thanks for...
File: NeedToKnow - Updated!12-29-10
Is there a way to hide a NeedToKnow...
Posted By: Lemons224
Is there a way to hide a NeedToKnow bar when out of combat or when in stealth? I use ntk for my Overkill buff but when I'm in stealth it's on all the time. It's kind of annoying and I was wondering if there was a way to make it only show when I'm out of stealth and the buff is fading (basically, when it matters). Thanks.
File: ccComboPoints - 4.X Compatibilty Update12-21-10
Were there any enchancements made t...
Posted By: Lemons224
Were there any enchancements made to the xml file or can I just paste in the old xml file from the previous version?
File: NeedToKnow06-30-10
The difference?
Posted By: Lemons224
What is the difference between this addon and "NeedToKnow - Updated!"? They seem to have all the same options.
File: TellMeWhen06-12-10
Version Inconsistency
Posted By: Lemons224
The version on the site and the version in the TOC don't match up. The site version says 1.2.4, and the TOC says 1.2.2, and to make it even more confusing the readme file says the version is 1.2.3.
File: MuchMoreMunch05-05-10
Re: Re: Just one problem...
Posted By: Lemons224
Originally posted by lokyst I've just posted a new version 1.3.0 that should hopefully alleviate that problem. Wow, thanks for the fix! :)
File: MuchMoreMunch04-13-10
Just one problem...
Posted By: Lemons224
I like the addon, but I was just wondering if you could change it a bit. When I run out of food, potions, etc the icon reverts to an unsightly red question mark. Maybe it could just be the last food I ate but greyed out? Like normal? Other than that, great addon. I love it.
File: ChatAlerts04-13-10
I had this idea!
Posted By: Lemons224
Except mine was going to be called "I Hate My Guild" and basically you'd have a seperate guild tab and it would only flash when people mention your character name, LFM DPS, things like that. I'm probably a horrible person for wanting an addon with that sort of functionality, but there were some pretty annoying people in there and...
File: Criminal03-09-10
This is a bit of a feature request....
Posted By: Lemons224
This is a bit of a feature request...could u make it so that when you right click the box it simply unlocks? There was an addon that did this a while back but it's now defunct.
File: ForceEnchant03-09-10
Does this addon work for temporary...
Posted By: Lemons224
Does this addon work for temporary enchants such as poisons? (I would test this myself but I can't get on wow atm :o)
File: Outfitter08-22-09
Outfitter hates Nightmare Tears...
Posted By: Lemons224
I have a Nightmare Tear in both my PvP and PvE in my PvP leggings and one in my PvE boots. Basically when I try switching to my PvP set it won't switch out the leggings because I guess it's trying to equip them while the boots are still equipped, and thus it is trying to equip 2 items that both have a Nightmare Tear soc...
File: StealYourCarbon04-28-09
Change it back!
Posted By: Lemons224
The addon wasn't working for me for about a week, finally I decided to investigate. Turns out I'm being punished for carrying around my herbalism bag, I had to throw everything from the "Normal" tab into the "Tradeskill" tab (P.S. if SYC isn't working for you you're probably carrying a profession bag and should do likewise). The p...