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File: Perl Classic Unit Frames (MoP Beta)07-04-12
Is there a way to show priest shado...
Posted By: shdwboxn
Is there a way to show priest shadoworbs? same with warlock burning embers; currently the only thing that I see under the player frame is the CD of demonic gateway
File: EchoPort06-29-11
first off I love this addon, couple...
Posted By: shdwboxn
first off I love this addon, couple of things though; 1. 4.2 fix pls :) 2. is it possible in a future release to also include tracking of the teleport CD to beneath the arrow (i.e. when it will be ready to use again)? thanks, keep up the good work
File: Clique04-29-09
clique not working for one party member?
Posted By: shdwboxn
I have been using grid+clique for ~3 months now on my shammy alt and I instantly became a better healer. And I am now a champion decurser to boot :) A guildie (and RL friend) recently dual specced heals on her priest. I helped her set up grid+clique. During a heroic run to test her setup out, she was unable to cast any heals on...