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File: ShieldWatch05-01-11
savage defense absorb
Posted By: gbart71
if you are looking for things to track in regards to shields and absorbs; could you add in feral druid bear 'savage defense'? Would be handy.
File: oUF_sRaid04-14-11
ty kindly
Posted By: gbart71
yay thats exactly what I was looking for; I'd actually guessed that was the line to alter, but was afraid to screw something up so thank you for the confirmation. Awesome layout, ty again.
File: oUF_sRaid04-13-11
health bar orientation change?
Posted By: gbart71
heya, am sorta an LUA newbie, but.. was wondering if there was a way to change the way the health of a target in the raid frames displays from vertically to horizontally. Mainly asking because I love the small layout and am using it to spot raid-heal and would prefer that the health be horizontal as it gets lower. Is there a spot to...
File: oUF_Qulight03-11-11
buff / debuff relocation
Posted By: gbart71
I saw someone had found where to change the location or positioning of the buff /debuff bar, but am not sure where that would be; for some reason, my puter' won't open .toc files where i can edit them at all; what should i change and / or how? any help would be great, as my minimap is blocking my current buff area. Thx!
File: bdBuffs03-01-11
blinking buffs / debuffs?
Posted By: gbart71
first, love the buffs / debuff addon. 2nd, am a LUA newb and was wondering if there was a way to make the buffs like hots / chant' procs / temp buffs etc, not flash but stay constant and still show the timer... like long duration buffs currently do. For example-- have them stay solid and not fade, like the icon for MOTW / Fort / Arca...
File: oUF_Jir02-28-11
the code change worked great thx. E...
Posted By: gbart71
the code change worked great thx. Even tweaked the font size a bit and got it to my liking. Thx again for the help.
File: oUF_Jir02-27-11
power bar current amount as a %?
Posted By: gbart71
love the addon / layout etc. Was wondering tho, am a newb to lua coding and was wondering if there was a way to change the read out of 'current mana / energy / runic power / rage / focus etc (the # on the left of the power bar) to show a current amount as a percentage? if thats possible, any help on what to change or add in would be...
File: SuperClassic01-02-11
micro menu and bag bar missing?
Posted By: gbart71
is there a way that I'm missing to get the micro-menu and bag bars to be visible. Sorta lost w/o them. Otherwise, love the UI-- Very memory friendly and simple to configure. Also, i seem to get a LUA error window anytime I right click anyplace on my open screen thats NOT a unit-frame or action bar; anyone else experiencing this or k...
File: Reputation Bars12-08-10
any way to get it to track the Cata...
Posted By: gbart71
any way to get it to track the Cata reps? or is that something an update to the add on would fix.
File: PerfectRaid10-30-10
ahhhh thx Clad, yep.. was using the...
Posted By: gbart71
ahhhh thx Clad, yep.. was using these both on Beta. /bonks self on head. I'll head on over to Live and double check my issue and see if its still there; prolly will work A-ok. /smile. ps-- yep, works fine on Live. /slinks off into her bad girl corner, heheh.
File: PerfectRaid10-30-10
PR and Clique issue
Posted By: gbart71
Hello Clad and all... Having a tiny prob w/PR and Clique.. and not sure which add-on is the source of the problem. Am not as familiar w/the newer version of Clique yet, so am thinking the problem might reside there. However, in case its an issue w/PR, I'm posting my problem here. I set up PR to the layout and buff settings...
File: LonnyBar (Cataclysm-Update)10-03-10
micro menu relocation?
Posted By: gbart71
Wanted to know where to go at least for now, to relocate the micro menu. Upon initial installation, it sits pretty much in the center of my screen. Resolution I use is 1600x900 widescreen, UI scale = a click or 2 above 1.0 on the slider. Probably would be good to know how to move the little bag bar also. Help w/those 2 things would...
File: DragonCore05-24-10
cant load spells etc, into bottom bars
Posted By: gbart71
heya, liked the simplicity of the bars but for some reason after installing the addon, I cannot load any spells, abilities or consumables etc into any of the bottom 2 bars. Its as if they are locked somehow. I've made sure they are set to be un-locked in the blizzard ui options already but that didnt fix anything. Didn't know if the...
File: PerfectRaid01-23-10
shape of the unit boxes changeable?
Posted By: gbart71
Hey everyone. First time commenter, long time PR lover. Was wondering 2 things really, and hadnt yet figured out if either is doable w/the current version of PR. 1. Can the names of the people in the raid me moved to be ON the unit bars themselves, instead of off to the side? If this is possible, could someone more enlightened h...