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File: Dailies Quest Tracker04-29-08
Maybe add a feature to use aceCom t...
Posted By: maytrix
Maybe add a feature to use aceCom to tell other users what the current dailiy is so others who have not yet gotten to the quest giver can know what the current dailiy is already?? Just a Suggestion to polish off this mod. Great work so far. Peace~
File: SmartBuff01-09-08
Can you add a check to prevent this...
Posted By: maytrix
Can you add a check to prevent this mod from dismounting you when you go into combat and scroll your mousewheel in or out??? Thanks for a great mod and all your hard work. peace~
File: Fizzwidget Feed-O-Matic01-03-08
Pitbull Unit Frames
Posted By: maytrix
Having an isues with no button appearing with Pitbull Unitframes, Pitbull does not have a Pet Happiness Frame for Feed-o-Matic to hook, maybe make a floating feed button when PitBull is enabled? Thanks for all your great work on these mods and sharing them with the community. Peace~
File: NCHide12-14-07
I have noticed that this mod has is...
Posted By: maytrix
I have noticed that this mod has issues with LOD mods, only thing hurting this mod imo and the fact that you cannot remove a frame you added to the the list. The mod errors out if you dont have the addon loaded for the frame it is looking for, maybe do a addonloaded check befor looking for the frame? Anyways thanks for all you...
File: OnScreen12-14-07
Great mod so far, i would like to a...
Posted By: maytrix
Great mod so far, i would like to ask that you add support for Bongos2, thanks for all your hard work. peace~
File: NCHide12-12-07
Would really like to see an option...
Posted By: maytrix
Would really like to see an option that allows for a certain list of frames to show during combat and a cetain list of frames to show out of combat, basically want i am looking for is the ability to overlap frames for space purposes, so say I want some action bars to show only when out of combat and hide the party frames that overla...
File: FuBar - PetInfoFu10-16-07
Smart Warlock pet Icons
Posted By: maytrix
Made some changes in your textupdate function to allow for smart icons for warlock pets, it basically adds the correct pet icon decided by what pet you have out. You will have to set the locals. function PetInfoFu:UpdateText() -- sound checks if self:IsHunter() then self:CheckForTPGain() self:CheckFor...
File: FuBar - PetInfoFu09-26-07
Originally posted by Jayhawk I'll...
Posted By: maytrix
Originally posted by Jayhawk I'll check out hose mods, but didn't have much luck when I tried this earlier. I can't query the enslaved demons about its skills. (Actually that makes kind of sense, if I were enslaved, I'd be loath to answer questions ;)) I believe they built their DBs by scanning the petbar when they are ens...
File: FuBar - PetInfoFu09-24-07
Couple mod authors have done some e...
Posted By: maytrix
Couple mod authors have done some enslaved demon tracking mods but they had crappy interfaces, if you check out a Mod called Demons http://wow.curse.com/downloads/details/2402/ and another called DemonBestiary http://www.curse.com/downloads/details/5649/ Both these log the Demon info, one is a db and the other is a db wi...
File: ForteXorcist09-12-07
I have to agree would like to see t...
Posted By: maytrix
I have to agree would like to see this modular and also fubar plugins for the Shard and Soulstone monitors and Healthstone Monitor, and Speaking of healthstone monitor, I saw on your main forums that healthstone monitor was in this addon, but when using it in game I found no healthstone monitor? other then that this is very very...
File: ZHunterMod08-21-07
Welcome Back I was about to take ov...
Posted By: maytrix
Welcome Back I was about to take over this mod myself and fix the keybinds... glad to see you back as this is a must have for all hunters. peace~
File: FuBar - PetInfoFu07-10-07
I have a suggestion that your mod c...
Posted By: maytrix
I have a suggestion that your mod could do to make this mod more enjoyable for warlocks and has never been done really, by adding the ability to track the abilities of each ENSLAVED demon I may have come across and enslaved, it would be nice to have a db of these demons and their abilities and a tooltip option when mousing over a dem...
File: BetterFriends07-03-07
Not compaitable with newest version...
Posted By: maytrix
Not compaitable with newest version of AuldlangSyne still throwing lotts of errors. Newest version posted here http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info5320-AuldLangSyne.html
File: BetterFriends06-29-07
Yep not playing well with AudlangSy...
Posted By: maytrix
Yep not playing well with AudlangSyn, always throws the errors i posted earlier if both are enabled, once these two play nice together we will all be happy campers ;-) Keep up the great work.... Peace~
File: BetterFriends06-28-07
Posted By: maytrix
: BetterFriends-1.2\Core.lua:458: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) BetterFriends-1.2\Core.lua:678: in function `ListUpdate' BetterFriends-1.2\Core.lua:212: in function `FriendsList_Update' Interface\FrameXML\FriendsFrame.lua:648: in function `FriendsFrame_OnEvent': WhoLib-1.0-35355 (WhoLib):444: in function
File: Distance206-24-07
Posted By: maytrix
Any news on this mods developement?
File: KasoBubbles06-07-07
: KasoBubbles\KasoBubbles.lua:76: a...
Posted By: maytrix
: KasoBubbles\KasoBubbles.lua:76: attempt to index a number value KasoBubbles\KasoBubbles.lua:25: in function --- peace~
File: LightHeaded06-04-07
here is some code to make cart_wayp...
Posted By: maytrix
here is some code to make cart_waypoints work with lightheadeds click on coordinates feature. edit and replace their function with the following funtion in your lightheaded.lua..... function LightHeaded.OnHyperlinkClick(self, link, text, button) ItemRefTooltip:ClearLines() ItemRefTooltip:SetOwner(UIParent,"ANCHOR_PRES...
File: The Low Down01-03-07
error in latest wow TBC beta
Posted By: maytrix
error in line 208... cannot setowner to self changed line 208 from tip:SetOwner(Tip, "ANCHOR_NONE") to tip:SetOwner(GameTooltip, "ANCHOR_NONE") seems to fix the error and all is working fine again
File: Qzot's HunterHinter12-29-06
Broken as of patch 2.0+
Posted By: maytrix
no longer working please fix, i love this mod on my hunter
File: Auditor11-13-06
recent TBC errors
Posted By: maytrix
: Auditor\Auditor.lua:395: attempt to call field 'CursorHasItem' (a nil value) Auditor\Auditor.lua:395: in function : : in function `CursorHasItem' FrameXML\UIParent.lua:411: in function `UIParent_OnEvent' :"UIParent:OnEvent":2: in function <:...
File: JIM's Abacus for Minimap10-19-06
Quote: E.G.: Gatherer was iden...
Posted By: maytrix
Quote: E.G.: Gatherer was identified as a severe conflict. To fix this, I changed Abacus so that objects with numbers in their name will be left alone. Players everywhere should find, to their joy, that the next version of Abacus will play nice with Gatherer. END QUOTE. So if I edit the xml of certain minimap buttons and...
File: EasyRaid09-11-06
Posted By: maytrix
The one final piece that is missing to this wonderful mod is the ability to right click and mark as mt1, mt2, mt3, etc... I find the way it is currently implamented into oRA2 is not user friendly, having the ability to rightclick add the mt assignments would polish this mod off nicely. Great work
File: JIM's Abacus for Minimap09-10-06
Posted By: maytrix
having same errors as Delva when trying to move a button, also wouild like the ability to remove/exclude a button from abacus. I have a couple mods that set to parent of the minimap and abacus will grab them and throw them around a lil funny. The mod in question is shardace.
File: EasyRaid09-06-06
oRA2 compaitability
Posted By: maytrix
oRA2 is up on the svn of wowace and as it stands easyraid is not working with it at the moment. Just a heads up. I know oRA2 is very close to release.