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File: Details! Damage Meter10-16-14
Been testing this for a while now a...
Posted By: Kfen
Been testing this for a while now and i only have one thing to say... Love it! Its smooth and very customizable and at the same time keeps track on everything, gotta say that i love the solo dps test thingy, genius! Love the "real time" update rate as well, love seeing those bars jump around all smoothlike. Hoping to see many...
File: VxtUI02-05-14
Posted By: Kfen
Really like the look and feel of your UI and i just wanted to say good work and thanks for updating it regularly! Hope to see more updates in the future!
File: MayronUI Gen407-26-12
Love it!
Posted By: Kfen
Just wanted to say damn good job on this, totally love it and gonna give it a run for it's money after this weekend. What i've seen so far (did 1 dungeon as a healer) i love it! Hopefully you will keep updating this (: Best regards!
File: Duffed UI v508-25-10
Posted By: Kfen
Love that you are so darn active with updateing you UI,so keep those updates comming :D!
File: OnyxBoxUI05-02-09
Love the idea!
Posted By: Kfen
hey! I love your idea so i made one that's a little more "stylish" to fit my taste more and maybe my version can give you some ideas to improve your's. All creds goes to you for the great idea :D Thanks alot. http://data.fuskbugg.se/skalman01/WoWScrnShot_050209_165852.jpg