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File: AuctionLite07-09-09
Price history graph?
Posted By: Lephturn
Hey Merial. I'm still using, and loving, AuctionLite! Just wondering if you've thought any more about adding a price history or graph for favorites? I'm looking to see something like a stock chart for the last say, 2 weeks, one data point per day given that I scanned that day. I'm trying to get a feel for how the price moves ov...
File: Ion Action Bars05-26-09
Vehicle bar solution
Posted By: Lephturn
My solution has been simply to use the Blizzard vehicle bar. In the Macaroon options you can choose to use the Blizzard vehicle bar, and although it's bigger uglier than Macaroon - it works consistently. Honestly problem solved for me, I use Macaroon for everything else, but when I get in a vehicle/turret whatever, Blizzard's vehi...
File: Ion Action Bars05-07-09
Still can't get Control bar working
Posted By: Lephturn
Ok, I'm really trying here, but the control bar is acting really strange. http://cid-e72798515b40cbe3.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/Macaroon%20Troubleshooting?authkey=lbu!XvATgdk%24&ct=photos The above link is to a photo gallery with a series of pictures demonstrating what happened. First, I deleted my previous pet bar and all...
File: Ion Action Bars05-01-09
Originally posted by Dwargh Oh, I...
Posted By: Lephturn
Originally posted by Dwargh Oh, I thought deleting them from the storage would be possible with the delete button in the storage window.:o Interesting that the strange behavior I was seeing with my control bar seemed to be related to the storage area as well. After I had created my control bar, when I went back into storage th...
File: Ion Action Bars04-30-09
Storage was causing funkiness
Posted By: Lephturn
I figured out what was causing some of the weird stuff to happen with the control bar. It was doing very odd things to the button storage area. So for example, I had 3 buttons in storage, macros for pet attack etc. I make a control bar, and it seems to sorta work. I notice that my normal binds for my stored buttons no longer work....
File: AuctionLite04-28-09
Fast Scan/Slow Scan
Posted By: Lephturn
Well it seemed better recently. I got a few fast scans in. This may be Bliz throttling because the server is slammed. The times I seem to have trouble are when the server seems very overloaded, and things are happening like I can't zone into an instance. I'd like to also try starting from scratch in case my existing data is bad...
File: AuctionLite04-25-09
Re: Re: fast scanning doesn't do anything
Posted By: Lephturn
Originally posted by Merial Yeah, I've seen this too--I agree that something is fishy here. I'll investigate further. Thanks for the tip! It does scan for me, if I wait long enough. But it's like it's not fast scanning at all. Since the upgrade for 3.1 I have not had a real Fast Scan (10-15 seconds) like I was used to. It's s...
File: AuctionLite04-23-09
Since the update, scanning takes forever
Posted By: Lephturn
Hi, Since 3.1, scanning is taking forever. I have Fast Scan enabled, but it seems to just go and go. I normally give up after 5+ minutes. Maybe I need to reset something? It still does my favorites just fine, but a Full Scan is not working for me, where before it was 10-15 seconds. Any ideas? I'm fine to dump all my data if that's...
File: AuctionLite04-01-09
Re: Re: AuctionLite publicity
Posted By: Lephturn
Looks like you got highlighted on WowInsider as well! http://www.wowinsider.com/2009/03/31/addon-spotlight-auctionlite/ Excellent. I've been recommending your addon on http://wowmb.net/ (Warlock's Den) and in the Insider comments where appropriate... glad to see AL getting noticed. :D
File: AuctionLite03-23-09
Originally posted by Merial Yup,...
Posted By: Lephturn
Originally posted by Merial Yup, as noble8 said, the "Favorites" feature should do just this. Click the star next to "Chaotic Skyflare Diamond" on the summary view, and then choose "Show Favorites" in order to search for that item and the rest of your favorites all at once. Favorites will also get bumped to the top of your normal...
File: AuctionLite03-20-09
Originally posted by Merial Aucti...
Posted By: Lephturn
Originally posted by Merial AuctionLite's normal scan, which requests all listings in the auction house page-by-page, is properly throttled and will work regardless of the speed of your connection. The normal scan still works very quickly. Like 3-5 minutes vs. 10-15 minutes for my old auction addon. The fast scan is awesome....
File: AuctionLite03-06-09
Extremely fast!
Posted By: Lephturn
This thing works GREAT! :eek: Auctioneer was just taking far too long to scan for me, so I dumped it. I was shocked to have AuctionLite do a complete scan in under a minute. Fabulous. My bank alt now has empty bags and I'm a whole lot richer! This mod doesn't do everything Auctioneer does, but it does what I need incredibly fast....
File: nUI01-23-09
Metamorphosis bar?
Posted By: Lephturn
Hey, just tried this out last night. Looks really nice so far, though I need to get used to it. My problem is, when I hit my Metamorphosis as a warlock and turn into a giant purple flying monkey, I don't get a possession bar or anything pop up with the skills on it. What do I need to do to have a bar that pops up only in Meta with...