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File: MayronUI Gen507-17-17
Could you post a screenshot of the...
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Could you post a screenshot of the raid interface please? really interested in this UI, but seems i cant find a raid screenshot. Grid is used as raidframe by default. DPS/Tank on lowerleft corner. As heal the frame is above the target window.
File: MayronUI Gen507-14-17
Re: Shard glitch sticking out of left side of UI..
Posted By: Trockenbrot
For some reason the row that shows shards on my Destro-Lock is like 20 shards long and sticks out to the left of the UI. I tried reloading the UI and quitting and restarting WoW with the same results. It's a clean addon folder with only the addons in the UIpack installed and a fresh WTF folder as well. I noticed this, too. After i...
File: MayronUI Gen508-20-16
Re: MikScrollingBattleText
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Anybody else having problems with MikScrollingBattleText not working at all?? I had a similar issue. I was able to fix it with updates for mbst. This results in a few incomming damage messages showing up. After checking the /msbt configurarion i was able to reactivate outgoing damage. For that you got to go to events and choose the...
File: nUI: Integration [Grid]07-03-10
Quickfix to Grid 1.30300.1304
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I managed to "solve" the Problem! But i think its not the "real" solution. It's just a quickfix to get it working again. (I'm a noob in LUA ^^) After a hour of testing around the line local Gridframe = GridLayout.frame; I become frustrated and decided to check what are the difference between the Grid 1.30300.1290 and the new...