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File: oUF_MoveableFrames11-07-09
Originally posted by Derkyle Find...
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Originally posted by Derkyle Find in Interface\ouf_Alekk\ouf_alekk.lua self.Health = CreateFrame("StatusBar", nil, self) Right ABOVE that put self.MoveableFrames = true Many Thanks! Worked:):banana:
File: oUF_MoveableFrames10-30-09
Hi! I used Ouf_alekk layout, and...
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Hi! I used Ouf_alekk layout, and i dont know where can i paste : self.MoveableFrames = true Pls, help me! Many Thanks!;)
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Hi all! I have a question. How ca...
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Hi all! I have a question. How can i do according to bag separated bars showing in one window? (like blizz default: SHIFT B) Example: Mining bag in one bar, Frostweave bag in one bar, etc.... Many Thanks for your helps! *EDIT* Ok, i found it! :)