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File: Capping02-22-11
Posted By: ShiftE
Love most of your Addons, just a "suggestion" i would love to see an easy way to adjust bar settings (colors, size, boarder etc) Just a suggestion. keep up the great work!
File: MarkingBar02-19-11
LDB support?
Posted By: ShiftE
Would really like to see some LDB support, even just show frames would be nice, but drop downs ect would be good too... Don't know of any marking bar that has LDB support would be something to set this apart from others. Just my 2c Great addon regardless
File: LLPvpState01-04-11
Is this addon still being supported...
Posted By: ShiftE
Is this addon still being supported? I know with the holidays it seems to have taken a backseat, Just trying to decide if it is time to move on or wait for this to get a much needed update?
File: Mono UI12-31-10
Originally posted by Monolit...
Posted By: ShiftE
Originally posted by Monolit settings.lua local ScoreFramePosition = {"BOTTOM", UIParent, "TOPLEFT", 100, -90} local CaptureBarPosition = {"TOPLEFT", UIParent, "TOPLEFT", 35, -75} for tickets you navigate to 'Moving TicketStatusFrame' (search) and change position here: TicketStatusFrame:SetPoint("TOPLEFT",UIParent,"T...
File: QuestGuru12-18-10
Oh my gosh, I wasn't using the late...
Posted By: ShiftE
Oh my gosh, I wasn't using the latest version. I r Smrt... :( Thanks guys!
File: QuestGuru12-17-10
I am having the same issue, I canno...
Posted By: ShiftE
I am having the same issue, I cannot turn in the new "Remote quests" No question mark or anything, i have to unload turn in and reload. Is there a LUA fix?
File: Mono UI12-16-10
Much <3
Posted By: ShiftE
I am trying to locate how to reposition the capture bar and tickets and what not, I found where the code is, but there is no positioning, How can i change the location of these? I plan to put capture bar at the bottom center, and world state center top. Could you help me out, still pretty new to adjusting a lot of the settings myself...
File: Mono UI12-12-10
Thanks! Everything (Minus the big...
Posted By: ShiftE
Thanks! Everything (Minus the big raid frame box, and that's super minor) works perfect! Again, You have done some amazing work, keep it up!
File: Mono UI12-08-10
Greetings! I <3 YOUR UI! Ok,...
Posted By: ShiftE
Greetings! I <3 YOUR UI! Ok, fanboi moment over. I do not use the party frames, instead i have changed it so only raid frames show. however as dating back 2 updates, whenever i join a group or raid group the boarder box always sizes to 25 man. Is this a common issue or did i screw something up? Can you point me in the right...
File: Mono UI10-19-10
First time caller long time listener...
Posted By: ShiftE
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how amazing this add on is. It is everything i could ever want, i made a few tweaks to better suit my play style but am thoroughly impressed! Please keep up the amazing work! :banana: