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File: IshtaraUi10-19-09
Problem with normal blizzard UI
Posted By: Sondrizzle
I downloaded this UI yesterday and I loved it, and I've tweaked it a bit since then. But, I've had a problem since I got it and that is that the characterframe, PvP-frame, questtracker and questspeaking-frame is all in the upper left corner of the screen, which is really annoying because my minimap is there. Anyways, is there any way...
File: VuhDo10-19-09
How to hide when solo?
Posted By: Sondrizzle
I've looked over almost every option twice now, but i still can't figure out how to hide it when I'm soloing and not in a group/raid. I do find it really stupid and not very intuitive that it has a option for not hiding when solo. Anyone that can help me with the problem though?