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File: Toresh's UI05-04-11
@Noobicide Just like Tukui this ui...
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@Noobicide Just like Tukui this ui scales no matter what the res. @N10do Of course it would, this is not Tukui, its an edited version.
File: Toresh's UI04-30-11
@N10do What do you mean? This is...
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@N10do What do you mean? This is an edited version of Tukui. I am unsure what you are asking.
File: Toresh's UI04-28-11
Re: A couple issues
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@goroth /movieui Is the new command to move everything
File: Toresh's UI02-15-11
Re: ClassTimer
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@Xephis No thats not the idea behind Tukui class timers. Use ForteX if you would like to have that. No much point in re-writing one of the best addons in the game (ForteX that is)
File: Toresh's UI12-30-10
Right click the "x" on your bag for...
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Right click the "x" on your bag for more options and to show ur bags. Also if you want to buy more slot type /bags
File: Toresh's UI12-28-10
@Coldricton Showing bags, is the...
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@Coldricton Showing bags, is the "b" key. @Sonofelrond Mouse over your UF it will show up where the text is on the bottom.
File: Toresh's UI12-04-10
@aUsCkEs Thats a blizzard error...
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@aUsCkEs Thats a blizzard error nothing to do with my UI.
File: Toresh's UI12-03-10
Originally posted by aUsCkEs Such...
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Originally posted by aUsCkEs Such a good UI... why are there no updates? What do you mean no updates? I have put out 4 versions now onto wowI Also if you head to the Tukui forums you will find a lot more activity.
File: FuBar - MicroMenuFu05-07-09
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I have waited to long for this project to be updated. So up until ckknight updates the project, you can download a working version at my blog. http://www.huntthis.net/ I have fixed the buttons that were not working and also added the ones that were missing.