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File: Lyran's Daily Quest Guide05-29-09
A little more standalone please...
Posted By: Eklypse
The idea of this addon excited me when I first saw its name. I was, however, quickly disappointed and turned off when I saw that it was dependent on three other addons. All of which I do not use. If you could make this more standalone more people might be able to benefit by what looks to be a very good addon idea. :)
File: LifeTapper05-10-09
Alright thanks Temu, gonna reinstal...
Posted By: Eklypse
Alright thanks Temu, gonna reinstall it now with the MSBT support. Thanks for getting that supported so quickly. :)
File: LifeTapper05-09-09
Yeah I tried it with MSBT and it de...
Posted By: Eklypse
Yeah I tried it with MSBT and it definitely does not work yet. I appreciate you looking into adding support for it. If I were you I would consider it a priority as MSBT is quickly replacing SCT in popularity. :)
File: LifeTapper05-08-09
Yeah I have the same question. Does...
Posted By: Eklypse
Yeah I have the same question. Does this support MiksScrollingBattleText?