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Originally posted by zork Install...
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Originally posted by zork Install tullaRange. That mod does that and uses the least CPU usage. http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info15636-tullaRange.html Thanks, works like a charm!
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Originally posted by vbaspcppguy I noticed the message in game about the shenanigans so I tried /cancelaura which still works perfect. I was thinking it would be handy if that message told the user something like: But untill this is fixed you can use "/cancelaura " to remove the buff. This would also allow lazy people (...
File: rButtonTemplate10-24-10
I haven't quite read all replies, a...
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I haven't quite read all replies, and I'm actually fairly sure this has been asked before, but I saw that the keyword 'range' was found quite a lot. So here goes: Is there a way to make icons show a different color when the target is out of range for the spell?
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I am not sure if this has been answ...
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I am not sure if this has been answered before, but how can I disable the white/gray borders around the buffs? I basically just want my buffs to look like the default Blizzard buffs (since I am used to that), but just have 2 rows instead of 3. Edit: Nevermind, I am blind. Icons tab, check "Do not show SBF icon borders".
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Re: Update today
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Originally posted by mrobrian I have finals next week, so wanted to get this up now while I have time. This version includes a "full" quest history. The word "full" is in quotes because it's not actually possible to pull quest titles, descriptions, etc. from the server for quests that you are not currently on, so I have to trud...
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Could you make a 'pimp' button, tha...
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Could you make a 'pimp' button, that can post the weekly/daily profit to /party or something like that? ;)
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Great to see you're working on this...
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Great to see you're working on this, acapela. Good luck and thanks for the support!
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Originally posted by Dridzt Just...
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Originally posted by Dridzt Just a little followup, I commented out the UpdateMicroButtons() and questlog button state code, (both occurrences) it didn't solve the problem. 1/27 21:11:01.087 An action was blocked in combat because of taint from QuestGuru - TargetFrameToT:Show() 1/27 21:11:01.087 Interface\FrameXML\TargetFra...
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Nameplates at bigger range
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Hey, is it possible to enable Aloft to show nameplates at a different range? It now only shows mobs that are I guess around 20-25y away from me, but I'd like it to show nameplates of mobs at 40y. Is this possible?