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File: My Voice Controller07-22-11
Re: Info on proper install
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Originally posted by Allaboutmage I assume I just drop all the file into the /AddOn directory path.. but How would I load the program in WoW? /mvc ? Please advise. The files can be placed anywhere on your computer. Once you run the program it is available to all programs in windows.
File: My Voice Controller03-04-11
Originally posted by kattostryker...
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Originally posted by kattostryker Am I the only one not getting this to work? I have done all the instructions but its just not working. I cant even edit anything. View this page for the prerequisite files that may be needed for your version of the windows. http://5hyphen.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=709
File: My Voice Controller07-11-08
Originally posted by VagrantEsha...
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Originally posted by VagrantEsha 2) With a program like this, I worry. I've noticed that it uses automated functionality, even if that functionality is only telling the mouse cursor to go to a certain place, and to send clicks. If I remember correctly, Blizz get pissed off about things that emulate hardware events. :/ I wonder...
File: Igor's MassAuction10-12-05
Great mod!! Looking forward to:...
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Great mod!! Looking forward to: Upcoming features: - Stack size support so you can sell a whole stack of items individually, or in pile sizes of your choice. and support for auctioneer v3 database.