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File: interrupt bar (hobbykirurg mod.)11-08-10
Thats hell of the bar... However it...
Posted By: manatic
Thats hell of the bar... However its more of a cd tracker, cuz i dont see how interrupting for e.g. PS, AP, or Shadowfiend can be
File: Speedy Actions12-06-09
Great Mod i'll say, However it w...
Posted By: manatic
Great Mod i'll say, However it would be great to see this gooldie triggering action not only on keypress but also on release. Would make spamming much easier, and more effective. Im not saying you to change all the code, just giving such an option would be much appreciated. Thank you for your work. Keep up the good job.
File: Quartz - Modular Casting Bar09-25-09
Re: Several Versions Behind!
Posted By: manatic
Originally posted by ricks322 I noticed that the version on Curse is r23. Any chance moving up to the latest version here? Yes. That would be nice.