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File: Examiner10-16-10
Originally posted by Aezay Patch...
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Originally posted by Aezay Patch 4.0.1 Inspecting Issue The current patch, which at this date is 4.0.1, has a bug that can cause the whole inspecting features of WoW to break down, causing all further inspection attempts to fail. The only way to fix it once it has broken, is to restart the client. This issue was known even back o...
File: UberQuest08-09-09
Originally posted by Starkey Will...
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Originally posted by Starkey Will this get updated for 3.2 Moved mod development to http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/uberquest/ or... http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/uberquest.aspx
File: UberQuest Reborn Again 3.2.1 (PTR 3.2 ONLY)07-21-09
Re: error on latest PTR build
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Originally posted by Dalarian Message: Interface\AddOns\UberQuest\UberQuest.lua:1728: attempt to index global 'UberQuest_Config' (a nil value) Time: 07/21/09 08:29:31 Count: 1 Stack: :18: in function <:4> : ? Interface\AddOns\UberQuest\UberQuest.lua:1728: in function `UberQuest_ScanToolTip' Interface\AddOns\UberQuest\UberQues...
File: UberQuest07-10-09
Originally posted by JMHammer It...
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Originally posted by JMHammer It looks like quicksylver is continuing the development of this mod. Look here: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info13923-UberQuestRebornAgain3.2.1PTR3.2ONLY.html Yeah but it's only for PTR 3.2 until the live servers go with that version.
File: UberQuest05-23-09
Re: updates for UberQuest on Curse.com?
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Originally posted by dianaim Thank you very much for the updates. I love this mod, as does the hubby. Is there anyway to link the updates to curse.com so that those of us using the curse update utility can auto check/update Uberquest with the latest and greatest and not have the extra step of coming here for updates? It wo...
File: UberQuest05-22-09
Re: Problem with 3.1.1 (5-21-2009)
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Originally posted by JMHammer With the latest version (3.1.1 -- 5-21-2009) the default quest tracker is appearing. I don't want to use the default quest tracker, I like the minion. I couldn't get the default quest tracker to turn itself off; perhaps there is a way, but I couldn't figure it out. I never had this problem with earlier...
File: UberQuest05-08-09
Originally posted by Ichse I use...
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Originally posted by Ichse I use this release: http://rapidshare.com/files/230732558/UberQuestVer31CC.zip.html It works. Bob Thanks, uploaded and updated.
File: UberQuest04-15-09
Originally posted by avatar2k3a W...
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Originally posted by avatar2k3a Works fine for me in 3.1 - I realised that it was still working because the quest minion was still visible, so checked the keybindings... Lo and behold, blizz had reset L back to the blizzard quest log, so I just scrolled down, found uberquest, and set L to be uberquest quest log instead, and it's al...
File: UberQuest12-09-08
Hi Guys, I haven't been available l...
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Hi Guys, I haven't been available lately to implement any new requests. I've just been keeping the mod free of errors and it has been since 3.0.4 release. If anyone wants to take this mod over and improve it, let me know.
File: FlightMap11-26-08
Originally posted by dhask Please...
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Originally posted by dhask Please see my comments on Dridzt's updated FlightMap. I hope to have a 3.0 "official" FlightMap in a day or two, but due to an upcoming international travel, it may be delayed until the 26th or later. Happy Thanksgiving. :)
File: UberQuest10-23-08
Originally posted by blackpandemic...
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Originally posted by blackpandemic Interface\AddOns\UberQuest\UberQuest.lua:1030: attempt to call method 'SetTextColor' (a nil value) : in function `SetTextColor' Interface\AddOns\UberQuest\UberQuest.lua:1030: in function `UberQuest_List_Update' Interface\AddOns\UberQuest\UberQuest.lua:727: in function `UberQuest_OnEvent' :1: i...
File: UberQuest10-23-08
Re: Not Working
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Originally posted by palmsized I'm having the same prob as johnnyp. Worked once, the first time I logged in after install...now it's not working at all. I NEED this mod! Pls help! I can't duplicate the problem. Is this on the live servers? I've tried clearing my WTF/Uberquest cache and logged into different characters... It w...
File: TipTac08-31-08
WotLK Beta TipTac
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Originally posted by Aezay What's not working? On WOTLK beta: Will get error once per interface reload... (I think just once) EDIT: I've found that when you have "Show Cooldown Models" enabled, it will give this error. Uncheck it on your "Auras" options and no errors so far. Date: 2008-08-31 13:20:14 ID: 51 Error occ...
File: Examiner08-24-08
Originally posted by Civrock Some...
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Originally posted by Civrock Somebody needs to implement the "spell damage/healing => spellpower" change. Done, but still errors when scrolling up and down the cache, stats, etc windows. Right click this file link and "Save As" to your "/Interface/Addons/Examiner/Locales" folder. It correctly shows spell power now...
File: TomTom08-19-08
WotLK Beta, I had to change line 18...
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WotLK Beta, I had to change line 186 of AceGUIWidget-TreeGroup.lua to: button:SetNormalFontObject("GameFontNormal") Without this change, was giving errors upon opening /tomtom config. ;)
File: Examiner08-18-08
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For WotLK Beta, if you change line 1587 with: PanelTemplates_TabResize(tab,-18); ...then the talents show up correctly. Now there's errors I don't know how to fix... When you scroll up/down on the cache or stats window, it spits out error: Interface\FrameXML\UIPanelTemplates.lua:230: attempt to index local 'self' (a nil valu...
File: Bagnon03-31-08
Originally posted by flatrabbit I...
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Originally posted by flatrabbit I keep getting an error at random times trying to call up the options menu. It works about one in every 10 tries...which is pretty strange. Error data(minus addon list in an effort to keep this post small): Date: 2008-03-31 07:58:02 ID: 52 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns...
File: TomTom03-29-08
Cladhaire, I have the latest ver...
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Cladhaire, I have the latest version of TomTom, and this might be something stupid i'm overlooking, but why does it show both the crazy and regular directional arrow at the same time? Is this by design?
File: UberQuest03-27-08
Re: Add new quest linking feature
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Originally posted by Aoon I've never messed with lua before and was just concerned with getting it working. Can probably be cleaned up by someone who knows the addon. Quest linking in chat will work, it also appends the Uberquest style level/tag(raid,group,heroic...) Good idea - I'll update the UI and re-upload it after thi...
File: LightHeaded03-26-08
Re: Re: Re: A coding suggestion
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Originally posted by Scre3m I get this error every time I click on a quest. I'm using beql and lightheaded. http://www.planetdrown.com/images/wow_lh_error.jpg Scre3m, It's a bug with beql... You'll need to have the author change the Lightheaded function calls in the .lua file.
File: SSPVP312-22-07
Shadowd: For some reason the flag...
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Shadowd: For some reason the flag carriers name is working just fine, Not sure what fixed it. One small thing I have is seen in the following two screenshots. The first screenshot shows the PVP objective/score counter positioned low, but a few seconds later it re-positions itself correctly shown in screenshot #2. Sometimes this o...
File: SSPVP312-21-07
Originally posted by Pike Reprodu...
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Originally posted by Pike Reproducing my WSG problem with r457: 1. Quit WoW (if necessary). 2. Delete/move SavedVariables\SSPVP2.lua and SavedVariables\SSPVP2.lua.bak. 3. Log-in to WoW, join a WSG notice the flag carrier stuff doesn't work, however many games you join. 4. Quit WoW. 5. Log-in to WoW, join a WSG notice the flag...
File: SSPVP306-24-07
I would love it if when you get pro...
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I would love it if when you get prompted to join a new battleground that it doesn't ask you 4 times with popups. Can you set it to when you "Cancel" a BG popup and when already inside a BG that it will not popup again?
File: SSPVP306-14-07
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What was changed/fixed in r46?
File: SSPVP306-12-07
Pausing joining BG's?
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Is there an option that you can pause the auto-join from happening? I am a TitanBG user that converted to FuBars and now prefer SSPVP. I know TitanBG allowed you to pause the auto-join of BG's.