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File: Atlas WorldEvents06-29-17
Re: Nil value error at 1298 when logging in.
Posted By: arith
Receiving the following error upon logging in after the most recent update. Date: 2017-06-29 20:27:29 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ...rface\AddOns\Atlas_WorldEvents\Atlas_WorldEvents.lua line 1298: attempt to call global 'Atlas_RegisterPlugin' (a nil value) Thanks. Sorry, I uploaded wrong versi...
File: Atlas Legion06-26-17
Curse update notifications just hor...
Posted By: arith
Curse update notifications just horrible. hm.... I didn't realize it. Anyway, for most of my addons, I will keep updating here.
File: Atlas Legion06-25-17
Re: Thank you
Posted By: arith
Thank you so much for your efforts to keep this updated & posting not only on Curse but here on the WowInterface site for those of us who have migrated to Minion since the Curse legacy client is no longer in play. :banana: :)
File: HandyNotes - Broken Shore06-11-17
That shows the possible respawning...
Posted By: arith
That shows the possible respawning points, you have to go visit those nodes to tell if a real one is there.
File: LibUIDropDownMenu06-01-17
Re: Titan Panel Inclusion
Posted By: arith
Titan Panel will be using this library moving forward. I'm getting hammered by complaints about incompatible library references within NoTaint and there is little I can do except something radical like this. I just need to make it easy for the plugin authors that will need to migrate so I will be including your readme file over on...
File: LibUIDropDownMenu05-24-17
Is there a mistake in LibUIDropDown...
Posted By: arith
Is there a mistake in LibUIDropDownMenu.xml line 6 ?