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File: Supervillain UI (Classic)10-30-13
Getting the following error after a...
Posted By: Ashkanan
Getting the following error after a fresh install. Choosing healer layout on druid, Message: ...face\AddOns\SVUI\modules\unitframes\units\player.lua:689: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'MAX_CLASS_BAR' (a nil value) Time: 10/30/13 09:02:18 Count: 1 Stack: (tail call): ? : ? "]:9: in function <"]:5> (tail call): ? ......
File: lumUI11-03-10
Info bar
Posted By: Ashkanan
Hi there, First of all i like your ui, been waiting for a while like this one. I haven't got any important errors so far, well, just a small one. When i mouse over the lumstats (location) i get the following error: Message: Interface\AddOns\lumStats\lumStats.lua:261: invalid index Time: 11/03/10 13:36:38 Count: 9 Stack: :...