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File: Show GCD03-06-11
Posted By: wilz
This doesn't seem to work anymore: 5x ShowGCD\ShowGCD.lua:30: attempt to call global 'GetSpellName' (a nil value) ShowGCD\ShowGCD.lua:41: in function ShowGCD\ShowGCD.lua:52: in function `ShowGCD_OnEvent' :"*:OnEvent":1: in function <:1> I don't know how to fix it. :(
File: SmartBuff01-28-11
Added these...
Posted By: wilz
I add these manually every time you update. It's only because I have stacks of them across my alts, and your addon is seriously helping me get rid of them in a useful way. If you don't mind a little inconsistency in your support, please do add them in. If you prefer to be consistent I'll understand haha. My stacks will finish eventua...
File: SmartBuff01-23-11
You forgot to add this line for Guru's :)
Posted By: wilz
SMARTBUFF_BELIXIR13 = GetSpellInfo(53749); --"Guru's Elixir"
File: SmartBuff01-02-11
Guru's Elixir
Posted By: wilz
Could you please support Guru's Elixir? :) SMARTBUFF_ELIXIR13 = GetItemInfo(40076); --"Guru's Elixir" SMARTBUFF_BELIXIR13 = GetSpellInfo(53749); --"Guru's Elixir" {SMARTBUFF_ELIXIR13, 60, SMARTBUFF_CONST_POTION, nil, SMARTBUFF_BELIXIR13} At the appropriate places did it for me, but would be nice if...
File: TinyPad10-14-08
You have just... saved my life...
Posted By: wilz
You have just... saved my life...
File: Altoholic07-24-08
Re: Re: The way bags are displayed
Posted By: wilz
Originally posted by Thaoky I have several plans to add more information (such as pvp), and to arrange things differently. I can't say when I'll release the next version, but chances are that there won't be many updates before wotlk, as I won't have enough time to maintain 2 versions concurrently, so at some point (ie: soon) I'll o...
File: Altoholic07-23-08
The way bags are displayed
Posted By: wilz
Hey Thaoky, I love you, and your addon. For my almost 4 years playing this game, Altoholic is exactly what I've been looking for. Three things: Is it possible to change the bag contents display to follow the normal shape of the bags as it would appear in the default interface. A 16-slot bag usually appears as a 4x4 space, et...
File: Altoholic05-04-08
Getting to the data faster
Posted By: wilz
This is a suggestion. At the moment, to see the items in the bank, you'd have to click 'Containers', then 'Servername', then 'Charactername'. Which takes one too many clicks. If the front page summary of Altoholic can be made clickable, one could click the container summary text (the one where it pops up information when mouse-ove...
File: Altoholic04-27-08
As Replacement for Recipe Book
Posted By: wilz
Can this mod replace Recipe Book? Does it place indicators into recipe links to tell you if one of your alts already have a recipe?
File: XPBarNone12-12-07
Max levels...
Posted By: wilz
The one thing I wish XPBarNone would do right now is not to display the XP bar at all when a player is already at maximum level. My workaround atm is to add: if UnitLevel("player") == 70 then self.db.profile.ShowReputation = true self:UpdateXPBar() else self.db.profile.ShowReputation = false self:UpdateXPBar() end...
File: Quartz - Modular Casting Bar08-09-07
Making the GCD work better.
Posted By: wilz
This is the list of spell names needed to make the GCD work without configuration. You only need to add a spell when a new class comes out. Moonfire Serpent Sting Fireball Holy Light Smite Sinister Strike Lightning Bolt Corruption Battle Shout As it is, I need to make a separate Quartz Ace2 profile for each class I play...
File: DoTimer05-23-07
Posted By: wilz
First of all, great job on the latest version. Although I can't quite put my finger on it, there is something about it that I love very much. Maybe the fade in fade out? It also feels lighter than before. Also, noticed and love the fact that Totemic Recall registers with the addon now. The new version have some behavior which can...
File: Nudge03-09-07
Posted By: wilz
You guys are geniuses! Thanks for the better method :)
File: Nudge03-06-07
If you play many characters...
Posted By: wilz
For those who found it annoying that Nudge comes up when u're playing alternate characters of other classes, search "function Nudge:TargetChanged()" and change the function to this : function Nudge:TargetChanged() local _, class = UnitClass("player"); if class == "HUNTER" then if(UnitExists("target") and (not UnitIsDead("ta...
File: FuBar - TrainerFu11-28-06
Welp you updated AceOO to some new...
Posted By: wilz
Welp you updated AceOO to some new version, and it is causing problems with some other Ace2 addons I am running. I am getting an error upon login saying that OnInstanceUpdate cannot be called more than once or something like that. I'm beginning to find it extremely annoying - previously this problem occured with AceLocale-2.0, and I...
File: FuBar - TrainerFu11-25-06
Bug on 'Run Away'
Posted By: wilz
Everytime I close the trainer window by walking away from him instead of pressing Esc or closing the window, I get this bug : trainerfu.lua:168:table index is nil The data will also not be saved when I walk away. There is no problems if I just press Esc or close the window.
File: FuBar - SkillsPlusFu10-24-06
Same error as Colton
Posted By: wilz
Same error. 673 error - only happens after I have two character's trade skill information in.
File: Ace05-12-06
WTB Patch Notes
Posted By: wilz
What changed? NVM, it was under API changes.
File: KeepItCool (Discontinued)05-04-06
Yes sir!
Posted By: wilz
I wasn't sure to use the bug button or not coz there wasn't anything there. Won't happen again! :)
File: KeepItCool (Discontinued)05-03-06
Doesn't work with Elune Stones
Posted By: wilz
Doesn't work for Elune's Lantern producing Elune Stones. Please rectify? Thanks! EDIT : The message in chat upon item creation (I'm guessing from ur code this is how u detect creation) is: You receive item: The item name in is an item link. This is in the default chat frame 1. (The one we chit chat in, not the combat log)
File: FuBar 3.6.505-02-06
TitanRider & Textures?
Posted By: wilz
Where does one find the background textures for FuBar? Also, will there be a TitanRider made for FuBar? I am aware of the addon MountMe, but it not only requires another dependency, it also does not work at all for me. TitanRider worked rather well, selecting/equipping riding items as I mount up, and unequipping them as I dismount...
File: FuBar 3.6.505-02-06
TitanPanel TradeCooldown
Posted By: wilz
Can someone FuBar this addon please? It's superbly useful. I have to resort to KeepItCool after switching from Titan to FuBar, and KIC doesn't have a GUI. http://ui.worldofwar.net/ui.php?id=1978 Thanks for a great addon heh. EDIT : How embarassing... KeepItCool author just updated his addon to have FuBar functionality, as I...