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File: Threat Plates02-28-11
Re: Re: Castbar Problems
Posted By: olfan
Originally posted by danltiger Try Interface > Combat > Cast Bars > On Nameplates Worked perfectly. Thanks! Can't believe it was so simple. Should remember to affect my local settings first next time, I completely forgot the Interface had an option for that.
File: Threat Plates02-27-11
Castbar Problems
Posted By: olfan
I seem to be having a problem making the castbar appear at all. I have tried deleting the saved variables, freshly installing the addon, turning the option on and off, reloading the UI, and I am at a loss. I have downloaded the most recent editions of both addons to no avail. To clarify, I have deleted the files marked Tidy Plates an...
File: Vengeance Status11-05-10
I love this add-on. It's informatio...
Posted By: olfan
I love this add-on. It's information, while not strictly necessary, is fun to know as I tank. I do have one request however, is there any chance you would consider adding a way to customize the size a bit more? I realize there is a way to scale, but I have an elongated UI and would like to stretch it to fit under my nameplate while r...