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File: Numeration Damage Meter07-13-11
If possible could the options in th...
Posted By: Manube
If possible could the options in the config file be saved to the savedvars so when there is an update there is no need to change the config file again. This would be very helpful. Thanks.
File: TourGuide_MidSummer_201107-04-11
Sorry about the cords being off, th...
Posted By: Manube
Sorry about the cords being off, that seems really strange because I made the LUA as I flew around to all of the fires and when I was standing on the fire I wrote them down. I'll work on the Mouseover note text. Thanks for the input.
File: TourGuide_MidSummer_201106-27-11
I got you covered, it's a zip file...
Posted By: Manube
I got you covered, it's a zip file now!!
File: TourGuide_MidSummer_201106-26-11
Thanks lowlander, That function sho...
Posted By: Manube
Thanks lowlander, That function should be fixed up in 1.2
File: Dominos11-04-10
thanks for the update, and i love t...
Posted By: Manube
thanks for the update, and i love the ThunderCougarFalconBars btw, good Futurama reference.
File: Dominos11-03-10
Totem Bars
Posted By: Manube
I know it's on your wiki "to do list" but I would love to have the wow style totem bars for dominos. Do you have an ETA on the arrival of that particular addition?
File: Luck'o'Meter10-08-10
I agree with keLston, if we could t...
Posted By: Manube
I agree with keLston, if we could track the need/greed/disenchant rolls somehow this would allow a much better measurement of your "luck". If you can measure luck that is.
File: PhoenixStyle01-27-10
blood-queen lana'thel
Posted By: Manube
Love the addon, any talk of doing a bite assignment mod for the blood-queen lana'thel fight. i would be happy in the pants. thx for the great addon.
File: PhoenixStyle10-29-09
props and sugestion
Posted By: Manube
First off i love your addon, for organization and the shield fights it's awesome. If it isn't too much trouble i would love to see a launcher button added for LDB addons(the bar mods like a taskbar) or something like that so that i wouldn't have to type /phoenixstyle every time. sure i could create a launcher macro but sadly enoug...
File: Shadow's Ready Buff Check10-18-09
Misspelled buff
Posted By: Manube
your check for Flask of stoneblood is spelled with only one "o". If you want to make that small alteration for your next edition. :0 thx for the addon