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File: QuestGuru12-23-11
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OMGOMGOMG YOU UPDATED IT I LOVE YOU!!! edit: Oh, i just found that this is on Curse too. I'll be using that one. :)
File: Postal10-18-10
how do those of us that no nothing...
Posted By: Canukistani
how do those of us that no nothing about programming do this? i tried opening the Modules\OpenAll.lua and windows told me it was an unknown file type.
File: Multishot (Screenshot)04-28-10
Multishot not working on only 1 of many characters
Posted By: Canukistani
For some reason on my banker i get this error. Only on my banker though. It works just fine on my other characters. How do i fix this? Edit: I'm using the current version of Multishot. Message: Interface\AddOns\Multishot\Multishot.lua:1: Usage: EmbedLibrary(addon, libname, silent, offset): 'libname' - Cannot find a library in...
File: PlayerScore / GearScore03-29-10
Originally posted by Ravenslair S...
Posted By: Canukistani
Originally posted by Ravenslair Since the patch i have been having the same log in issues as everyone else after reading some comments elsewhere about the problem possibly being caused by gearscore i tried testing this and unfortunetly i have come to the conslussion that this does seem to be the main problem when i removed gearscor...
File: Atlas ICC03-21-10
how do i get this to work with my a...
Posted By: Canukistani
how do i get this to work with my atlas (latest release version)?
File: NameScore01-05-10
" PM me the data, or give me your s...
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" PM me the data, or give me your server, faction, character name, and regular play time and I will log in to retrieve the data from your computer!" this part concerns me. just fyi. and please give deductions for names that have more then one set of doubled letters. Lloyd is okay, Lloyyd gets minuses.