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File: Grid04-08-07
Re: I'm sure I messed up something
Posted By: Cyan8313
Originally posted by Antdude First, love this mod. Never thought I could live without Decursive, but Grid is the Bomb. I somehow managed to hide the mini-map icon. Now I can't access Grid at all, and trying the command-line options has not helped. When I type in /gridstatus I get a 'Suspended' message in red. i assume this is G...
File: Elkano's ItemDB10-29-06
Best Item database :)
Posted By: Cyan8313
Just thought I'd show my appriciation for imho the best item database addon :) Thanks for your work and hope to see it continue in BC :cool:
File: AutoBuff [Emerald]07-18-06
Im no programmer...
Posted By: Cyan8313
It would seem that http://www.curse-gaming.com/en/wow/addons-4586-1-autoinnerfire-fixed.html has found a way around the patch 1.10 movement restriction... Any chance this would be implemented ?
File: Bagnon06-27-06
Thanks :)
Posted By: Cyan8313
For the bank fix.. I was getting anoyed at it. And I can't live without my bag-mod ;)