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File: xCT11-01-10
Was thinking about Shadowy Appariti...
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Was thinking about Shadowy Apparition never showing as damage in xCT, here's the reason why for those out there that wonder: Shadowy Apparition's Shadowy Apparition hits Sandfury Blood Drinker for 993 Shadow.(5144 Overkill) (Critical) It's obviously a bug by Blizzard.
File: Auctioneer08-26-08
Memory usage.
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Is this AddOn always using ~50mb Interface-memory?
File: PerfectRaid10-12-06
Originally posted by Squiddy0 •mo...
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Originally posted by Squiddy0 •moving the raid around with the mouse, I clicked the center of the raid, and it attached to my mouse now I cannot unlock it from my mouse, "Lock" on/off, does nothing...can't do anything in game after that and have to alt-f4 to exit. No need to shut down the game. Just /console reloadui These th...
File: BigWigs Bossmods09-20-06
Not Found The requested URL /svn...
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Not Found The requested URL /svnweb/index.cgi/root/log/branches/BigWigs/Ace2/ was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. When I try to read the ChangeLog.
File: PerfectRaid08-07-06
Originally posted by Cladhaire /p...
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Originally posted by Cladhaire /praid select number Will try this when I get home. I always use '/perfectraid select group x'. ._.
File: Necrosis LdC05-13-06
A must have!
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I've been using this for quite some time with my Warlock. It's really nifty for handling stones and demons etc. I strongly recommend it to all Warlocks. :-)