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File: MayronUI Gen505-04-13
Re: Re: Re: Re: Cannot load UI
Posted By: Matterio
I have heard of this issue before but I never could get it fixed. It seems RAF accounts and the standard trial accounts seem to reset the settings in the SavedVariables folder inside the WTF/account/ACCOUNTNAME/ folder. I have not tried experimenting with the account type before and may take me a while to figure out. While you wait y...
File: MayronUI Gen505-02-13
Need help with a RAF account setup!
Posted By: Matterio
I am using RAF using my own Battle net ID. My primary account works like a charm, however the RAF account which has a default name of WoW1 will not work with any UI to include Mayron. The strange thing is the Account folder within the WTF folder is named 1040326#1 rather than the standard name of your in game toon for that RAF accoun...