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File: Archy bugfix - DISCONTINUED02-28-11
Set Waypoint
Posted By: clam729
Hello all - probably missing something here, but here it goes. Is there a way to set the waypoint arrow by clicking in the Archy window ? Occasionally when I am flying to my next dig site, TomTom will switch the arrow over to "my closet quest" and I lose the dig site. I have clicked every way from Tuesday in the Archy box trying t...
File: Power Auras Classic09-09-10
Re: Re: Problems w/last 2 builds
Posted By: clam729
Would help if you followed the instructions on the front page I did read and follow them and I should have posted that I did so (except for posting the aura) - I left that out of my original post. I even went as far as disabling all of my addons (only 12 to begin with) and still have the same problem. N still works fine, R does...
File: Power Auras Classic09-09-10
Problems w/last 2 builds
Posted By: clam729
Hello - I had 2 simple checks for MotW and Thorns notifying me if they weren't cast on me. These checks were working in previous releases N and lower, but not in the latest R. If I exit out of WoW, remove the PA folder completely and copy in the N release, everything works fine (both for my druid and hunter). If I repeat the same...
File: LightHeaded04-19-10
Possible Achievement addon ?
Posted By: clam729
Are there any plans to add similar comment support to the Achievement window ? It would be awesome if you could click an Achievement and a LightHeaded frame would display the Wowhead comments on the right side. I tend to refer to those comments as much as quest ones, problem is I have to ALT+TAB out for Achievement lookups (unless...
File: TomTom03-28-10
Originally posted by Cladhaire I'...
Posted By: clam729
Originally posted by Cladhaire I've just added a bunch of requested features. I'm sorry if I didn't get to yours this time, I just had a chance to finish these few and get them pushed out, so feel free to let me know what you think of them. Wow. Nice new feature set. Thanks for adding the waypoint check. Hope all goes well w/y...
File: TipTac03-27-10
Error in latest update
Posted By: clam729
Hello. I updated to the latest version and get the following message during each log in (captured via Swatter). I tried it on two machine and different characters (and different addon combinations). When I remove the new version and replace it w/the previous version from the archive, no error message at all (on any of the setups)....
File: TomTom03-25-10
Public function - waypoints exists ?
Posted By: clam729
Hello. I am using your public function AddZWaypoint in my addon. I use this at various times to automatically set a point (i.e. rare detected, etc.). My problem is I have various methods of detection (cache, nameplates, target, etc.) and when my function triggers I could end up with 3 or 4 waypoints for the same mob (in slightly dif...
File: _NPCScan.Overlay03-25-10
Re: Re: Re: Possible separate from NPCScan ?
Posted By: clam729
Originally posted by Saiket I just finished a new version tonight that can work standalone or in concert with _NPCScan. I'll publish it next Tuesday for patch 3.3.3. It took a few days to get all my addon errors worked out, but your update works PERFECTLY. Thank you so much for adding this functionality.
File: SilverDragon03-16-10
Posted By: clam729
Hello. I have a suggestion that I hope you can easily implement. When flying and a rare is detected, is it possible to add a waypoint (via HandyNotes, TomTom, etc.) at the coords that the detection triggered ? Maybe some kind of check that checks for "IsFlying=True and RareFound=True then AddWayPoint=CurrentCoord". I realize it wo...
File: _NPCScan.Overlay03-15-10
Standalone ?
Posted By: clam729
Hello again. Any plans to make a standalone version ? If so, I could dump RareSpawnOverlay and use yours. The tamable pets/clearing the cache is quite annoying for the main app, but your overlays are great looking. UPDATE : Wasn't sure if you would enable/create a standalone option so I changed all the occurrences of me.Overlays.R...
File: _NPCScan.Overlay12-10-09
Possible separate from NPCScan ?
Posted By: clam729
Great addon. The best overlay addon out there. However, I do not like using NPCScan due to caching methods of detection. Due to the tamable pets and my lack of finding the rares, I am constantly having to dump my cache only to have the false alarms go off like crazy when I'm back in the cities. I actually prefer SilverDragon for rare...