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File: Broker: TalentSwitch - No longer supported06-12-09
Posted By: Bashire
Thanks for the fix Mod is working great.
File: Broker: TalentSwitch - No longer supported06-06-09
Re: Re: error on startup
Posted By: Bashire
Originally posted by Stabler I'm am unable to reproduce the error. I even disabled all my addons except for Fortress and Broker: TalentSwitch and still I was unable to reproduce this error. Are you sure you have the latest version? If you do have the latest, is anyone else getting the error? What broker display addon are you us...
File: Broker: TalentSwitch - No longer supported06-03-09
error on startup
Posted By: Bashire
: Broker_TalentSwitch-1.9\core.lua:461: bad argument #2 to 'format' (string expected, got nil) Broker_TalentSwitch-1.9\core.lua:461: in function `GetTalentInfo' Broker_TalentSwitch-1.9\core.lua:479: in function `GetAlias' Broker_TalentSwitch-1.9\ldb.lua:197: in function `UpdateDisplay' Broker_TalentSwitch-1.9\core.lua:347: in fun...
File: Broker_HitCrit04-22-09
Resets not working
Posted By: Bashire
Reset all data is working but individual data resets are not. Thanks
File: Procodile03-21-09
Minimap button
Posted By: Bashire
Minimap button returns after reload ui even though the setting is unchecked.