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File: oUF Drk09-09-16
Castbar positioning?
Posted By: nessin
Question on the cast bar positioning, when I turn off portraits the player cast bar reverts to a lower center of screen position rather than on the player unit frame, even though I've still got PlayerCastBarOnUnitFrame set to true. Is this intentional such that portraits need to be enabled to keep the cast bar on the unit frame?...
File: SixUI09-06-16
Window Frame?
Posted By: nessin
Just wondering how you get the Window Frames around everything? I was going to swap out VuhDo for the SUF Raid Frames but can't quite figure out how to replicate that one piece.
File: Dajova's UI (Tukui)01-26-11
Raid Role
Posted By: nessin
Anyone know how to set your raid role with Dajova's UI? The unit frames don't give me the option when I right click.
File: TinyDPS11-11-10
For some odd reason I don't get the...
Posted By: nessin
For some odd reason I don't get the tooltip you show in your screenshot, instead my tooltip only shows my total DPS (either overall or current) and that of my pet (if I have one) instead of showing on a skill by skill basis. Is it an old screenshot or potentially something wrong with my copy?
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)11-05-10
Thanks for answering my earlier que...
Posted By: nessin
Thanks for answering my earlier questions, but I realized I'd forgotten to ask one other. Is there an easy way to disable the cargbags module? I had just scaled it down so much I barely noticed it because the cargbags windows always open when I access the bank, along with ArkInventory that I normally use. I'm actually reading up o...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)11-04-10
Much appreciated on all the work yo...
Posted By: nessin
Much appreciated on all the work you've done. I really love the general layout and overall themed look of the UI and now that the config menu is up (What little drive to learn any sort of programming/scripting died on the doorsteps of unix shell code) I've been able to resolve almost every issue I've had with SVUI since I found out...
File: SpartanUI10-21-10
Any negatives to removing the Party...
Posted By: nessin
Any negatives to removing the Party/Player Frames folders to get rid of the unit frames with the package? Love everything else but I prefer a different set of unit frames and would like to hide/remove the existing ones just to avoid confusion/clutter.
File: oUF_lumen10-19-10
Well I intended too you know, but I...
Posted By: nessin
Well I intended too you know, but I found out that is not reliable. The way Blizzard queues spells work way much better than looking at a lag indicator that is not instantly updated, is more of a mean taken from the netstats that anything else. So I thought I was doing a deservice by offering such thing! I've tested it and it's not r...
File: oUF_lumen10-19-10
Latency on the Castbar?
Posted By: nessin
Just wondering if you have any intention of adding latency to the castbar? I love the work you put into this already and the overall layout, the only thing I'm missing is that one function.
File: ArkInventory10-17-10
Specific Mounts
Posted By: nessin
Is there any way to set specific mounts to be used by the Summon Mount function, instead of randomly choosing out of your best available mounts?
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)12-24-09
Anchoring Frames?
Posted By: nessin
Is there a config option I'm missing to anchor one frame to another? Say as I move/position the player frame, the pet frame always stays in an exact relative position to that frame, instead of having to always manually adjust it?
File: oUF_Freebgrid11-24-09
Re: Re: Tied to KGPanel?
Posted By: nessin
Originally posted by richerich Run this script while hover your mouse over the raidframes: /run print(GetMouseFocus():GetName()) ... and just print in the frame shown in the chatlog to kgpanels. Can't believe I missed the FrameBG option, had my dunce hat on. As for the anchor part, I'm trying to get it the other way around....
File: Shadowed Unit Frames11-10-09
Another question popped up, is it p...
Posted By: nessin
Another question popped up, is it possible to use a wildcard in the aura filters? I'm trying to cut out all the mount buffs/auras from showing up, and hoping I can avoid typing in each individual one?
File: Shadowed Unit Frames11-09-09
Latency on Cast Bar?
Posted By: nessin
Is there an option I'm missing to enable a latency estimation on the cast bar? Its perfect except for that one feature for me since it means I have to get a separate cast bar mod.
File: oUF_Freebgrid11-09-09
Tied to KGPanel?
Posted By: nessin
Is there any way to use a kgPanel (or I suppose any third-party frame) as an anchor for Freebgrid? Trying to get it to fit into a panel and I'd prefer to keep it clean by doing that rather than digging out exact coordinates if at all possible. I tried editting the config with the panel name, but that didn't work. Edit: On a sli...
File: oUF_Nivaya10-24-09
Anyone know how to get the raid fra...
Posted By: nessin
Anyone know how to get the raid frames to grow up instead of down? If I could manage that, it'd be perfect for me.