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File: Capping01-14-11
Originally posted by alinnia Anyo...
Posted By: Calik
Originally posted by alinnia Anyone know how to edit the lua files such that the "Next Battle: 1:00" warning to a 15 min prior to the start of Tol Barad warning instead? On my server it's almost impossible to get in to Tol Barad without queueing as early as possible. Look for this bit of code in core.lua and change only the high...
File: shNameplates12-01-10
I too am liking these nameplates. T...
Posted By: Calik
I too am liking these nameplates. The configuration is nice and pretty easy to work with. One thing that I wish I could change tho is the raid icons. I would love to be able to edit the placement, the size, or even possibly use the default icons (lil small for my resolution/old eyes :o). Thanks for the addon once again!
File: TellMeWhen10-28-10
Conflagrate not showing the way it used to pre 4.0.1
Posted By: Calik
Conflagrate used to work properly for me prior to 4.0.1 versions, since then it wont show the timer countdown at all on that spell. I am able to use the timer bar for it, but would prefer the timer countdown like all the other button I use (yes the Show timer bullet is checked). What I am wanting is Conflagrate to show only when I...
File: Bagnon07-13-09
I have had the options occasionally...
Posted By: Calik
I have had the options occasionally pop-up as well after viewing the map but can't seem to reproduce it. Also had a feature request if possible, to add an exclusion list to the Bagnon_Tooltips. I love this feature immensely but don't care to see it on the hearthstone for example. My tooltip for it can be pretty large considering I...
File: Endless06-03-09
Error upon login
Posted By: Calik
I get this error sometimes upon login, doesn't seem to be affecting anything. I can list addons I use if needed. : Endless-Beta 5\Quests.lua:192: attempt to index local 'titleLine' (a nil value) Endless-Beta 5\Endless.lua:64: in function `WatchFrame_Update' Interface\FrameXML\QuestLogFrame.lua:58: in function
File: UberQuest05-17-09
Quest minion keeps moving.
Posted By: Calik
One issue I have with this last release is my quest minion keeps getting repositioned as quests get added and completed. It seems to add them going up at first, then adds on the bottom as I get more quests, and after completing them the minion is now either further up or down from where it started. Minor annoyance to have to re-adjus...