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File: Satrina Buff Frames 302-22-11
Missing Buff
Posted By: Ketrel
SBF is not showing the buff from using the Weather Beaten Fishing hat. I disabled and reloaded to ensure I was getting the buff. Blizzard's show it, SBF does not.
File: Baud Bag (Fan Update)08-08-09
Originally posted by Amberose I h...
Posted By: Ketrel
Originally posted by Amberose I havn't logged in yet since the new patch due to illness so i'm not aware of any errors yet but i'll look into it over next few days if Baudzilla hasn't done an update by then :) EDIT: So far i havn't had any error with Baudbag. I noticed that you posted this error on both sites and i was wonderi...
File: Baud Bag (Fan Update)07-06-09
Originally posted by Amberose Bau...
Posted By: Ketrel
Originally posted by Amberose Baudzila has now released an official update over at Curse.com http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/baud-bag.aspx The official update is still broken XD
File: Baud Bag (Fan Update)05-25-09
Ok, it was because when I separted...
Posted By: Ketrel
Ok, it was because when I separted my soul bag, I ended up with an number of slots so that it was a nice square >.<
File: Baud Bag (Fan Update)05-25-09
Originally posted by Amberose Jus...
Posted By: Ketrel
Originally posted by Amberose Just checked and it's working fine for me. Basically what it does is change the display of your slots. You often get a blank space after all your slots, this option sets the blank space to come 'before' your slots if checked. These screenshots should explain it better :) http://i376.photobucket.c...
File: Baud Bag (Fan Update)05-24-09
Questionish thing, is anything supp...
Posted By: Ketrel
Questionish thing, is anything supposed to happen when you check 'Blanks on top' or is that not programmed in yet, or is it broken, or a problem on my end?
File: Baud Bag (Fan Update)05-19-09
I found a bug, if you disable it fr...
Posted By: Ketrel
I found a bug, if you disable it from the addon itself (uncheck the enabled box) and then click on a bag other than the main bag, it doesn't actually show. Hitting B (and Shift+B) still works, but clicking individual bags shows them as open but they don't actually open.