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File: SilverDragon12-10-09
loss of Icons with Bliz map
Posted By: MorsGladius
Yes having to use the Blizzard map because Catographer has not been updated and the icons are not showing on the map. also have seen a rare popup, but no rare to be seen around so not quite sure what or why that is happening anyone solved the icon problem or is someone working on it? I love this addon, and i hope it stays wor...
File: SilverDragon07-16-09
To the person asking about Wrath ra...
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To the person asking about Wrath rares, I have seen quite a few. You should even have some to start with. Now I have noticed one thing on the Wrath rares. I get hits for Putridus the Ancient and yet he is not there. I have 2 hits on either end of the Tournament camp in Icecrown. On another note, the Old world rares proble...
File: SilverDragon05-22-09
Re: Re: Re: SilverDragon Error
Posted By: MorsGladius
Originally posted by Kemayo This is confusing to me, since it is happening in a region entirely controlled by blizzard code. Also, it doesn't happen to me. Do you have any appearance-altering addons installed, perhaps? As far as I know, there are not any appearance alrenating addons being run, Now I will say I seem to get i...
File: SilverDragon05-20-09
Re: SilverDragon Error
Posted By: MorsGladius
Originally posted by AzWWarraven I've been getting an error from the mod for a while...not really sure how long: : SilverDragon-2.0.56580\Core.lua:394: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) I do updates via WoWAce Updater weekly, and nothing has yet fixed this. Suggestions? I am getting something similar and so far...