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How is the successor addon coming,...
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How is the successor addon coming, Xrystal?
File: LootWhatIWant03-05-10
Originally posted by dardack Yea...
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Originally posted by dardack Yea since I found that once you invite someone, make a raid, zone into raid zone, you then can kick that person and stay in (if you click leave party, you'll get ported, you must remove the other person), I haven't really used this option. If you still want it, should take me just a few minutes to do...
File: LootWhatIWant03-04-10
I wanted to ask if you could add an...
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I wanted to ask if you could add an Zul Aman autoloot toggle command, as it'd be awesome for the Amani Hex Sticks when solo farming Mojo.