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File: Tidy Plates Beta04-13-12
Re: Re: Re: Re: Health bar colors
Posted By: Photekk
Oh wow, exactly what I was looking for. Addon works perfectly for my play style now - thanks! If you open up 'Interface\Addons\TidyPlatesHub\Functions.lua', and search for "ReactionColors", you can modify the hard-coded values.
File: Tidy Plates Beta04-10-12
Re: Re: Health bar colors
Posted By: Photekk
Unforuntunately with this fix I cannot see enemy health bars :( The best I have it right now as a work around is headline mode set for enemy players to show as 50% opacity with a reduced size so that I can quickly differentiate friendly from enemy but still not great. Can I make a request for the ability to either change the...
File: Tidy Plates Beta04-09-12
Health bar colors
Posted By: Photekk
I have another question: I love the Neon theme however I want my friendly targets to have the green>yellow>red gradient (or I'd even be happy with solid green at all times if this isn't possible) and my enemies to have solid red. If I use Reactivity for health bars, friendlies are always solid blue. Anyway to change that to gr...
File: Tidy Plates Beta04-07-12
Awesome add-on
Posted By: Photekk
Pretty impressive right out of the box. What an upgrade from default.. Anyways, I would love to be able to create a filter for displaying enemy players casting spells on me - such as enlarging cast bars/name plates when this happens, or any custom "look" for when this occurs. Is this possible?
File: Scrolling Combat Text12-21-10
After riffling through dozens of ad...
Posted By: Photekk
After riffling through dozens of addons that I use due to a really annoying hitching after spell casts I determined it was SCT. After every long spell cast I get a 1 second hitch where things freeze then resume. I disable SCT and it's fine. Not sure if anyone else is having this issue but thought I'd mention as I had to disabl...
File: SBF 3.2 Beta11-08-10
Originally posted by nosoup4crr s...
Posted By: Photekk
Originally posted by nosoup4crr should this automatically hide Blizzard's ConsolidatedBuffs frame? It still shows up in a very annoying place. You can just disable this by turning off Consolidate Buffs in the default WoW UI Interface Options - no need to do it through an addon.
File: SBF 3.2 Beta11-06-10
This build is working much better b...
Posted By: Photekk
This build is working much better but still some bugs. The ButtonFacade is working again but for some reason is now showing the effects on every aura grid spot you have set up - ie it's showing the gloss and backdrop effects for icons that are not there. I turned off gloss and backdrop to temporarily solve this. Also I can no...
File: SBF 3.2 Beta11-03-10
Yeah I lost all my ButtonFacade set...
Posted By: Photekk
Yeah I lost all my ButtonFacade settings when I installed this version and no longer seems to be supported with SBF
File: Ghost: Pulse 310-30-10
Uh.. what's going on with Ghost Pul...
Posted By: Photekk
Uh.. what's going on with Ghost Pulse? I've been forced to stop using GP3 because of one minor bug that everyone has been having: whitelist/blacklist function. Any reason why this minor bug hasn't been patched yet? I've started using Doom Pulse but it's not quite GP3.
File: Ag_UnitFrames 3.3.3 Fix03-27-10
Can you please be specific about wh...
Posted By: Photekk
Can you please be specific about what you changed in this file? I've already delated the line 1194 or w/e posted on some of the other comments pages, which seems to have helped. Is this fix more extensive than that?
File: Bagnon Armory02-19-10
Curious if I should switch over to...
Posted By: Photekk
Curious if I should switch over to Bagnon Armory from Forever? Is there any added functionality or is it just more efficient data gathering?
File: Ghost: Pulse 302-01-10
How do I choose to show only certain spell cooldowns?
Posted By: Photekk
Ok I know this has surely been answered but I've really been looking and messing around with GP for a while now and the whitelist/blacklists are not doing much for me. All I want to be able to do is add a handful of spells that I really want to know when their CDs are up, with criteria more specific than simply the cooldown time.....
File: QuestGuru12-19-09
Re: Re: Show/hide QG
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Originally posted by mrobrian Shift-L will hide/show the tracker. It's not documented anywhere. Hell yeah, awesome man, just what I needed.
File: QuestGuru12-19-09
Show/hide QG
Posted By: Photekk
Is there no command to show/hide quest guru tracker? Seems like every mod has this functionality and find it very useful.
File: OPie11-03-09
Consumables Ring
Posted By: Photekk
I'm not exceptionally good with macros so I was wondering how I can set up a ring to display all my consumable items in that character's inventory. Like food, potions, etc. Love this addon, just trying to maximize it's abilities.
File: Satrina Buff Frames 306-26-09
Yup Recluse that's exactly what I w...
Posted By: Photekk
Yup Recluse that's exactly what I wanted - works nicely. Now all I have to do is implement this in with SBF to only display buffs 18-x Wonder if this code could be translated into a filter, that would make it simple to modify the displayed buffs in SBF
File: Satrina Buff Frames 306-25-09
Satrina, I'd figure I'd ask you...
Posted By: Photekk
Satrina, I'd figure I'd ask you this question as well seeing as you wrote the code for the best buff/debuff tracking mod. Is there a way to determine the number of buffs through LUA? Either to return the data so that I can use it or just through a simple if/then statement, ie: if Auras.beneficial("player") > 18 then ......
File: Satrina Buff Frames 306-21-09
Originally posted by Satrina Phot...
Posted By: Photekk
Originally posted by Satrina Photekk, nostress - You could sort of do that with filtering. I'll write something up and post it here. Ooo :D
File: ag_UnitFrames06-19-09
Also - 2D Portrait back-ups possible?
Posted By: Photekk
If anyone has used Pitbull it has a nice feature that if enabled will turn on 2D portraits (or even class icon) to display as your character portraits IF the 3D animated one is unavailable. This is really nice since unless you are right next to someone in a party/raid the 3D portrait isn't going to be available. I was thinking th...
File: ag_UnitFrames06-19-09
Re: Life
Posted By: Photekk
Originally posted by Ravèn84 Good morning everyone, first sry for my bad english. I have a Problem, i love AG_Unitframe :) But i want more...... i want to see my Life in the Lifebar like this 30.000/30.000 is that possible i havent found any possibility to try this aUF_layouts doesnt work i´ve got many bugreports...
File: Satrina Buff Frames 306-12-09
Need help with organizing buffs
Posted By: Photekk
Satrina! This is one hell of an addon, I can't even imagine all the coding that went into this. Great job :) Need help with one thing though: :confused:I've read up on how flowing and filters work in your mod and am still not quite sure how to do this pretty simple setup. What I want is for a designated number of my buffs (I hav...
File: Combuctor05-22-09
Is it possible to do a alt-wide search?
Posted By: Photekk
First off let me just say you did an amazing job with this addon - was exactly what I was looking for in simplicity with great functionality. I love being able to quickly view the items in my alt's bank and inventory - However, is there no way I can do a quick search of my entire database (all my alt's inventory/bank)? I would th...