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File: Better Battle Pet Tooltip06-25-15
Recently (since patch 6.2?) I notic...
Posted By: Repaxan
Recently (since patch 6.2?) I noticed this issue with items in my bag that are on cooldown:
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Blue]11-12-14
FYI for anyone else, the way to dis...
Posted By: Repaxan
FYI for anyone else, the way to disable the centering of item counts is to comment out lines 206, 207, 233, 234 in miirGui\core.lua and 353, 354 in miirGui\on_load.lua. Understandable change I just don't agree with it xD
File: EventHorizon Continued09-16-13
Hello, could we have a config optio...
Posted By: Repaxan
Hello, could we have a config option to set the opacity of the anchor, and to hide the spell-ID display? Currently the only way to hide it is to go into the main lua file and change it there.
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Blue]08-31-13
Re: Re: Error message
Posted By: Repaxan
Heya :) first off all thnx for posting such a nice addon. Really gave me the look i was looking for. Been a long time user of it. In patch 5.2 i had no problems with it. But i quitted playing for 6months and now i came back in 5.3 i m getting an error message each time i enter combat. The pack is updated,maybe something went wrong t...
File: EventHorizon Continued06-05-10
In r232, my cooldown bars started t...
Posted By: Repaxan
In r232, my cooldown bars started to change randomly to textured and darker: the lighter, white bars are the way all my bars are set up to look. This didn't happen in r220.
File: EventHorizon Continued (Beta release)05-27-10
Could we get an option to hide the...
Posted By: Repaxan
Could we get an option to hide the spell icons?
File: EventHorizon Continued (Beta release)05-13-10
Been using a modified version of th...
Posted By: Repaxan
Been using a modified version of the 1.9 link you gave me, only crashes or bugs I've seen (edit: other than enableRedshift not implemented) were my fault. Just thought I'd say something here. :p
File: EventHorizon Continued05-12-10
Missing parentheses, mainframe:S...
Posted By: Repaxan
Missing parentheses, mainframe:SetHeight(targetheight) barheight = (targetheight - (barspacing*(numframes-1)))/numframes for i,spellframe in ipairs(activeFrames) do spellframe:SetHeight(barheight) end
File: EventHorizon Continued05-06-10
Re: Re: EH Error
Posted By: Repaxan
Originally posted by Taroven Reading over the debug stack, looks like that's happening when you change from one target to another (line 533, part of the PLAYER_TARGET_CHANGED function, is only used in that exact case). What exactly is happening... not entirely sure. Read on for why. Had a similar issue as Keeblar, on my hunter in De...
File: EventHorizon_Vitals04-29-10
Whoops. Thanks for pointing that ou...
Posted By: Repaxan
Whoops. Thanks for pointing that out, when I put in runeCooling there wasn't a comma at the end of it.
File: EventHorizon_Vitals04-29-10
Two errors, actually. Date: 2010...
Posted By: Repaxan
Two errors, actually. Date: 2010-04-29 17:12:41 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\EventHorizon_Vitals\config.lua line 38: '}' expected (to close '{' at line 26) near 'runeReady' Debug: : ? AddOns: Swatter, v5.7.4568 (KillerKoala) WowheadLooter, v30314 AckisRecipeList, v1.0 @project-r...
File: EventHorizon_Vitals04-27-10
runeCooling option is missing from...
Posted By: Repaxan
runeCooling option is missing from the default config, and adding it to my own causes lua error.
File: EventHorizon Continued02-18-10
Originally posted by Warlocomotif...
Posted By: Repaxan
Originally posted by Warlocomotif Awesome to get an update on axis, really looking forwards to it :) Just made a new UI, and gave EH a pretty central place in it: screenshot Any chance this could be put up for download?
File: LightHeaded10-08-09
Re: Re: Comment Updates
Posted By: Repaxan
Originally posted by Cladhaire No, someone just has to ask and I re-run the parse. There's no sense in wasting time and bandwidth when people are happy with what they already have. Is there any particular concern you have? The information is starting to get a little stale, the new Argent dailies from 3.2 don't have information.
File: LightHeaded09-30-09
That would be because you are in th...
Posted By: Repaxan
That would be because you are in the DK starting area, which is technically an instance, and therefore coords do not work. LH has ones from Wrath Alpha.
File: EventHorizon (Continued by Taroven)09-22-09
Gap in bar
Posted By: Repaxan
A gap appeared below the cooldown bar upon going from 0.11b2 to 1.1 beta 5. Is this intended? (look on the *bottom* part of the cooldown bar.) Edit: found and changed the lua to the old-style.
File: EventHorizon09-14-09
Re: Help...need to move interface
Posted By: Repaxan
Originally posted by InsideURhead I had accidently moved my EventHorizon add-on flush with the upper portion of the screen. I can't click on the tab on the upper right corner of the add-on to move it. I've tried deleting EventHorizon and resinstalling it but it still ends up flush with the top of my screen. I've even played with sc...
File: ForteXorcist08-08-09
Is there a way to configure Fortex...
Posted By: Repaxan
Is there a way to configure Fortex so that it has a steady time scale? I'm trying to get something like EventHorizon but with everything in one bar.
File: EventHorizon07-28-09
Would it be possible to add auto at...
Posted By: Repaxan
Would it be possible to add auto attack/auto shot timers?
File: EventHorizon_Lines (Old and discontinued)07-09-09
Getting this bug: Message: ..\Ad...
Posted By: Repaxan
Getting this bug: Message: ..\AddOns\EventHorizon_Lines\lines.lua line 19: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'future' (a nil value) Debug: : ? EventHorizon_Lines\lines.lua:19: EventHorizon_Lines\lines.lua:6 EventHorizon_Lines\lines.lua:51: EventHorizon_Lines\lines.lua:49 The main functionalit...
File: EventHorizon05-22-09
Love this addon. The minimalist tim...
Posted By: Repaxan
Love this addon. The minimalist timing bars are great for my Marks hunter. A minor niggle: it doesn't track "hidden cast" spells, those that have are not instant, yet have a short enough cast time that WoW doesn't pop up a casting bar for them, such as Multi-Shot. It has a 0.5 second cast time and it doesn't bring up a cast bar, b...