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File: OpenRaid03-02-13
Minor quibble...
Posted By: Hentaya
Haven't tried the addon yet, but version numbers in the filename would be much appreciated.
File: Sell Junk01-28-13
If you want to move the Sell Button....
Posted By: Hentaya
Just change the values of x and y in: in the selljunk.xml file. is the value I use, puts the button up top right next to the
File: TwitterRealID (TRID)12-16-12
A feature request for new/changed options. :)
Posted By: Hentaya
Option tracking per character would be nice, too. Or even just a global enable/disable per character. I want people to know what my main did. I don't especially want them to know I've gotten to level 20 on an unknown character on an odd server somewhere. :) I find myself disabling TRID and then forgetting to turn it on when I...
File: TwitterRealID (TRID)12-16-12
Re: Re: Oh, it's just PERFECT...almost....
Posted By: Hentaya
It just needs to optionally include static text I can add, or you can customize, for Character Name - server - faction.... :) When you say static text, do you mean an option to enter text that will not get overridden by the addon messages? I mean for the auto gratz. :) But when I started thinking about answering this, I realiz...
File: Mage Nuggets12-16-12
Looks like 3.15 is current on Curse...
Posted By: Hentaya
Looks like 3.15 is current on Curse right now. http://magenuggets.com/download/ takes you there.
File: NPCScan12-16-12
I'd like see an option to suppress...
Posted By: Hentaya
I'd like see an option to suppress alerts while on a taxi flight. While you're on a taxi, you're seeing the world as it exists on your home server, but once you land, you're shifted to another server via the Cross-Realm Zone system, so you are no longer in the same world instance as the rare(s) you saw while flying. :( Who stops you...
File: NPCScan10-13-12
Deleting the Cache file...
Posted By: Hentaya
After using _NPCScan for a long, long while (and loving it), I finally wrote the #[email protected]%@#%$ batch file I was thinking of the first time I found I had a need to delete the cache file....this is obviously specific to the location of my installation, which depends upon the 32/64 bitness of my system, and that I like to run the launcher......
File: Mute Annoying WoW Sounds09-03-12
Re: Re: Eating and drinking sounds.
Posted By: Hentaya
You've been able to request sounds to be muted since I first started uploading it here. I don't dispute that. This is the first time I've noticed that fact, though; I don't usually spend a lot of time reading comments on things that work so well. :) Edit:: And I thank you for the additions. :)
File: Mute Annoying WoW Sounds08-09-12
Eating and drinking sounds.
Posted By: Hentaya
Eliminating these were the impetus for me to delve into the MPQ format long, long ago, but then I ended up just keeping sound off most of the time for convenience's sake (no speakers, and headset only when I used chat, so, sound was mostly just in the way if at all relevant). Found your mod a while ago, and been keeping up, but I'...
File: TwitterRealID (TRID)06-06-12
Oh, it's just PERFECT...almost....
Posted By: Hentaya
It just needs to optionally include static text I can add, or you can customize, for Character Name - server - faction.... :)
File: The Upgrader05-12-12
Feature requests before even using it! :)
Posted By: Hentaya
Just grabbing this now. Would be totally Awesome if it would access other data in my system to see if one of my alts has a non-soulbound item that can be an upgrade! And THEN, it would be even MORE awesome if I could examine a person and see if I have any upgrades for THEM. Course, that would probably mean accessing Carbonite data...
File: Faction Addict05-12-12
Feature suggestion
Posted By: Hentaya
Haven't started using it yet, but reading the blurbs make me pretty sure I want to. One tracking feature that would be useful would be to track the guild achievement for 55 exalted reps. Even BETTER would be if it had a way to figure out if anyone else in your guild (for whatever value of 'anyone else' is accessable to the API lev...
File: Mute Annoying WoW Sounds12-05-11
Praise and Requests
Posted By: Hentaya
Love the mod, love customizing it by hand, have done this since release (which is part of the request), great work on Tyrael's so far, been looking for that swoosh myself. Requests: Just two of them. First, those @$#%@#$% gulping and chomping sounds, including, but not necessarily limited to: Sound/Interface/iDrinking1 So...
File: !BeautyWigs12-05-11
Posted By: Hentaya
Other than a TOC update, is there a need for any 4.3 changes here?
File: Outfitter08-19-11
Well, that was interesting
Posted By: Hentaya
Sorry for the delay in replying; barely been having enough time to get into game and do my dailies, let alone play with things that are interesting! :) Tried it the way you suggested. Kept it off high speed to watch. It reduced Spell Pen to zero, and then Resil to 18 or so. Kept Hit at 615. When it was done, I had those values....
File: Outfitter08-07-11
Building outfits for stats...
Posted By: Hentaya
Now that I (hopefully) have helped reduce the need for a repeat from the author, i'll bring up a problem I'm having. :) Being a mage with a limited amount of need for doing anything but DPS, I usually keep three sets of very similar armor: PVE, PVE Bosses (the spell hit cap jumps from 6% at +2 levels to 17% +3 levels) , and PVP. I...
File: Outfitter08-07-11
Re: Outfitter Changing Weapons/Shield in Combat
Posted By: Hentaya
Originally posted by OfficialSponsor That said the only thing I wish it would do right, which it hasn't in a long time, is change out items in the main- and/or off-hands during combat. ... I can change out these items myself while in combat, it just seems that maybe Blizzard changed how an addon would do it. On the nose! :...
File: LunarSphere10-16-10
Thanks for the hard work, Moongaze!...
Posted By: Hentaya
Thanks for the hard work, Moongaze! :banana: The wife and I were just bemoaning the lack of Lunarsphere in our 4.x lives. :)
File: Tabard-O-Matic12-01-09
Finally got around to finding your...
Posted By: Hentaya
Finally got around to finding your WONDERFUL addon. Works like a charm with OneBag/OneBank. Only problem so far is that and have the same representation. Haven't looked at the code yet. :banana: (Edit: They have the same representation, because they have the same Targa file. oops. :)