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File: Slemhest UI v4.003-04-10
The font replacing the "standard" i...
Posted By: mirr0r
The font replacing the "standard" ingame font would be FRIZQT__.ttf, its located in the folder called "Fonts".
File: Slemhest UI v4.001-10-10
Besides that all of the essential p...
Posted By: mirr0r
Besides that all of the essential pve mods arent to be spotted, i like what you've stripped it down to so far. Allthou you've been slackin on the ''Blizzard'' textures aswell as the global font ;)
File: Slemhest UI v4.012-22-09
I should have something ready somew...
Posted By: mirr0r
I should have something ready somewhere between christmas and new years.
File: Slemhest UI v4.012-01-09
@Taraus, I've noticed the amount of...
Posted By: mirr0r
@Taraus, I've noticed the amount of time that can be saved by doing so and it should be avail. soon :) @Wazman, the mod youre referring to is Scorchio2.