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File: DMBMB08-23-08
Does this version work with the new...
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Does this version work with the new combat log?
File: Titan Panel01-11-08
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Thanks a ton for this! It's great to see Titan Panel finally getting some love again. I don't care what anyone says, Titan is still cooler than Fubar just imo (plus, it's retro ;) ). Looking forward to some of the cool stuff in your ToDo list, hope to see you guys keep up work on this. Thanks again :D
File: LinksList11-20-07
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I am a long time user of your fantastic version of Lootlink (since the first version was released :) ), and I was wondering: can we expect to see in this mod more of the features from the old Lootlink, such as stack size, sell value, item level, etc. in tooltips, and the awesome multi-function quick search in the future? Also, I d...
File: JIM's Cooldown Pulse08-01-07
2.2 PTR
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Tried to use this on 2.2 Public Test. It works fine, but you can't configure it, because the "Options Menu" text on the config window doesn't appear for some reason. Just a heads-up that it'll probably need fixing when 2.2 goes live.
File: NicheLoot02-24-07
Hello, I just figured I'd thank...
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Hello, I just figured I'd thank you and this seemed an appropriate place to do it because of Dridzt's question. Truthfully, I like all of your addons that are rewrites of other mods (Lootlink, NicheLoot, etc.) better than the originals, and I believe that some of them particularly needed someone like you to rewrite them (Lootlink...
File: Its' Polyquip02-20-07
OMG! I <3 you forever! :D
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OMG! I <3 you forever! :D
File: Saeris's LootLink11-07-06
I'd say go for the full search func...
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I'd say go for the full search function (the latter) rather than the results-only search. Like you said, it seems more useful. Thanks once again :)
File: Saeris's LootLink11-05-06
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I'm currently using Lootlink Enhanced , which is a huge memory whore >_<. I'm going to switch to your version, but I'll miss the "Quick Search" feature, which adds a little box to the bottom of the main frame to search the database without having to use the "Search" button. Could you add that to your version? Thanks a lot. -Frog