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File: DragEmAll07-01-11
4.2 problem
Posted By: leelomay
Added support for Encounter Journal but i can't click through inside the Journal options like to see specific boss, dungeon or boss abilities. sorry for bad english
File: Broker Factions05-09-11
errors 3.2.3beta
Posted By: leelomay
config panel is BLANK 6x Broker_Factions-3.2.3-beta\Broker_Factions.lua:87: attempt to index field 'options' (a nil value) Broker_Factions-3.2.3-beta\Broker_Factions.lua:310: in function `GetStartingRep' Broker_Factions-3.2.3-beta\Broker_Factions.lua:357: in function `?' CallbackHandler-1.0-6 (Ace3):147: in function <...Ons\A...
File: Broker Factions05-08-11
bunch of errors
Posted By: leelomay
locale zhTW: 1x Broker_Factions-3.2.2-beta\Broker_Factions.lua:87: attempt to index field 'options' (a nil value) Broker_Factions-3.2.2-beta\Broker_Factions.lua:326: in function `?' CallbackHandler-1.0-6 (Ace3):147: in function <...Ons\Ace3\CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:147> :"safecall Dispatcher":4: in...
File: yClassColors10-19-10
errors while checking guild members status
Posted By: leelomay
1x yClassColors-2.1.1\guild.lua:50: attempt to index field 'classColorHex' (a nil value) : in function `GuildRoster_UpdateTradeSkills' Blizzard_GuildUI\Blizzard_GuildRoster.lua:128: in function <...ace\AddOns\Blizzard_GuildUI\Blizzard_GuildRoster.lua:118> : in function `GuildRoster_Update' Blizzard_GuildUI\B...
File: _NPCScan.Overlay01-01-10
Re: Re: problem with mapster ?
Posted By: leelomay
Originally posted by Saiket Normally, that box should jump to a different corner of the map when you mouse over it. Do you mean that it won't do that anymore, and that it stays under your cursor? i try to describe in words. the box with NPC's NAME still moving when mouseover, however, the choice of showing NPC in worldmap does...
File: _NPCScan.Overlay12-29-09
problem with mapster ?
Posted By: leelomay
since patch 3.3, when i open world map , i can't tick/untick the box of the rare NPC, is it conflict with mapster or did i miss something?
File: SmartDebuff08-27-09
font dosen't appeared
Posted By: leelomay
Originally posted by Aeldra Updated ^^ how can i change the font, it appears "..." inside the button as i play in zhTW cilent. thx.
File: NugRunning08-11-09
3.2 position bug ?
Posted By: leelomay
after 3.2 patch, the position of NugRunning seems cannot be saved. Need to adjust each time after login.
File: LightHeaded07-25-09
a stupid question
Posted By: leelomay
does it support cilents other than english cilent?? such as zhTW/zhCN ?? sorry for my stupid question
File: Uckfup05-27-09
error found in zhTW locale
Posted By: leelomay
Uckfup\Uckfup.lua:198: attempt to compare number with boolean Uckfup\Uckfup.lua:339: in function