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File: ArtPad06-03-09
Re: Re: Raid functionality
Posted By: Isomalt
Originally posted by Dust I added the possibility to switch admin-only drawing on and off on a per client basis in release 6. I'll upload it once I got the chance to test it. I love you! BTW we wouldn't have gotten FL 4 towers down in 10 man last night if we didn't have artpad to draw out our strat.
File: ArtPad05-27-09
Raid functionality
Posted By: Isomalt
Is there anyway Artpad could be changed so anyone can draw publicly? The raid leaders don't really want to give us assist all the time, so very few people end up drawing. Also a confirmation on clearing would be great. All in all 18/25 people in our raids use this and have tons of fun with it. Please keep it going!