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File: LUI v305-03-10
Heheh, been watching the forums, re...
Posted By: Polskarre
Heheh, been watching the forums, reading the flames and laughing, and waiting for this release... I had to post cos now the suspense is killing me! I'll reserve my 'This is the best UI ever' comment till it comes out, but I think the likelihood is somewhere in the 99.9th percentile. Hopefully when ya get that beer in hand, you can...
File: LUI v312-09-09
grid not showing
Posted By: Polskarre
i know this must be simple, and i checked quite a few posts so sorry if its been answered already, but grid only shows up when im actually in the instance as far as i can tell, i would like it to show solo/party/raid as long as that panel is open? truly sorry if im overlooking something simple. edit: also im a dk, so my disease...
File: Dominos11-08-09
ive got something weird happening o...
Posted By: Polskarre
ive got something weird happening on spec change, where my menu bar disappears, but will come back on a reloadui... just a minor thing, wondering if theres a way to change this.
File: OPie06-09-09
Leech (TEST) tooltip
Posted By: Polskarre
Currently I have a macro in an oPie ring to use my cloak's flexweave cloak. The macro i have is: #showtooltip 15 /use 15 **yes, i know the first 15 is redundant, I have tried it w/o as well** the flexweave is used fine, however the tooltip when i bring up the ring is incorrect, showing leech (TEST) 10 mana instant cast i...