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File: Kattle UI - 1920x120003-29-10
Love the UI, though I have one ques...
Posted By: Jibashi
Love the UI, though I have one question... How do you edit the position of the player castbar in oUF-Itchy? I tried this bit in layout.lua: -- castbar position local playerCastBar_x = 0 local playerCastBar_y = -159 local targetCastBar_x = 0 local targetCastBar_y = 120 But doing that just kinda messes the cast bar up and I'm...
File: LUI v301-11-10
Originally posted by shallot Just...
Posted By: Jibashi
Originally posted by shallot Just thought I'd ask if you'd think about making a 1440x900 version, the UI is solid and I would love to use it if it matched my screen resolution. Seconding this, it's a beautiful UI and having 1440x900 resolution supported would be just awesome. :D